The A-Blast

2019-2020 Staff

Manny Precht

Co-Editor in Chief

Manny Precht is a senior and the current Co-Editor in Chief of The A-Blast. It is his second year on staff where he was previously the Health Editor. In school, Manny is the President of National Social Studies Honor Society, Public Relations Officer...

Khadija Ahmed

Managing Editor

Junior Khadija Ahmed is in her third year at The A-Blast. She has previously been a staff writer and an Academics editor. In her free time, she likes to read books and bake. She is in National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, and Girl Up. At the moment,...

Cynthia Nguyen

Web Master

Senior Cynthia Nguyen is the web master, and this is her first year working for the A-Blast. Cynthia also participates on the XC team, indoor and outdoor Track and Field program, MHS, and SSNHS. On her free time, Cynthia likes to spend time outdoors with...

Jane Elkins

Editorials Editor

Sophomore Jane Elkins is an Editorials Editor for the A-Blast. This is her second year working on the A-Blast, as she worked as a staff writer the year prior. Jane enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends in her free time. She swims on Forest...

Adam Shawish

Editorials Editor

Sophomore Adam Shawish is an editorials editor on The A-Blast. This is his second year on staff. In previous years he was sports x-tra editor. He is involved with the marching band, choir, and other performing arts. Adam likes spending his free time making...

Brenda Huamani

Spanish Editor

Senior Brenda Huamani is on her second year on staff for the A-Blast and first year as the Spanish Editor. She is a member of several clubs, such as National Spanish Honor Society, Girl Up, Just World, and Mission Possible, where she also holds positions....

Nate Ferson

Academics Editor

Senior Nathan Ferson is a first year A-Blast writer and editor of the academics page. He is a member of the green atoms and the red cross club. He enjoys playing video games, going to the gym with his friends, and practicing guitar in his free time. This...

Jamileh Hamadeh

Health Editor

Junior, Jamie Hamadeh, has been on staff for 3 years. She started off as a staff writer, then the people editor and she is now the heath editor. She is also on the Varsity cheer team and has been with the cheer program since her freshman year. Outside...

Daniel Vo

Photos Editor

Senior Daniel Vo is currently the photo page editor and is starting off his first year on The A-Blast. Aside from the A-Blast, he participates in the school’s orchestra, where he plays the violin, and Social Studies Honor Society. Outside of school,...

Mia Antezana

Arts Editor

Junior Mia Antezana grew up in Cochabamba, Bolivia. She attended a music school called Instituto Eduardo Laredo before moving to the U.S. She now plays the cello for the artist orchestra and has been a part of the program for three years. This is her...

Frances Montevilla

In-Depth Editor

Senior Frances Montevilla is currently one of the In-Depth Editors and the Social Media Manager. This is her second year, as she was previously the Spanish Editor. She is in several clubs and honor societies, even holding officer positions in a few, such...

Marian Osman

In-Depth Editor

Junior Marian Osman is in her second year of The A-Blast, and is the in-depth editor. She spends a lot of her time playing sports such as basketball for Annandale High School. In her free time she likes hanging out with her friends, sleeping, watching...

Thonny Anwar

Lifestyles Editor

Junior Thonny Anwar is in her second year of The A-Blast as the Lifestyles Editor. She plans on being in clubs like the Red Cross and Green Atoms. She enjoys hanging out with friends and traveling. She has been to New York, South Carolina, Philadelphia,...

Karla Mercado Dorado

People Editor

Senior Karla Mercado Dorado is the editor for the People page. This is her first year working on the paper as an editor. She is a player on the Varsity Field Hockey team, and is also a runner during both the indoor and outdoor Track and Field seasons....

Eyob Dagnachew

Sports X-Tra Editor

Junior Eyob Dagnachew is in his first year as an editor of the sports x-tra page.. Other than the A-blast he is a Tutor for younger kids on the weekends and is a part of Key Club. Outside of school he enjoys reading comics, watching movies, and hanging...

Tyler Plank

Sports Editor

Sophomore Tyler Plank is on his second year with The A-Blast. Previously a staff writer, he is now the sports editor. He enjoys playing guitar, listening to music, and plays baseball in the spring season.

Evan Burita

Sports Editor

Freshman Evan Burita is a first year staff writer for the A-blast. He is involved in several extracurricular activities, including playing soccer for Villareal Virginia Academy, swimming for Forest Hollow Swim Club, and is an active member in the St....

Henry Hoang

Entertainment Editor

Junior Henry Hoang is an Entertainment editor for The A-Blast. This is his third year as an editor on The A-Blast. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his friends or sleeping. He also likes playing lacrosse and watching movies. His favorite movies...

Erik Rivas

Entertainment Editor

Junior Erik Rivas is in his third year on staff. Last year, he was a Sports Editor. This year he will be an entertainment editor. He likes to play soccer and video games and run. In his free time he likes to hang out with his friends, go on bike rides...

Elena Leopold

Weekend Editor

Sophomore Elena Leopold is entering her first year as part of The A-Blast and is the Weekend Editor. During the school year, she plays club volleyball for The St. James. Her favorite things are spending time with friends, watching movies and drawing....

Tarik Darwiesh


Senior Tarik Darwiesh also known as Tarishio, is in his first year in The A-Blast as a videographer. He hopes to put a smile on as many people’s faces as he can while keeping them up to date with events going on around the school. He is president of...

Himran Kamara


Sophomore Himran Kamara is a Videographer in the A-Blast. This is his first year in the A-Blast. In his free time he likes to play sports and hang out with friends. He also likes to watch movies and play video games. His favorite types of movies are comedies...

Kaleab Mengistu


Senior Kaleab Mengistu, a first year videographer for The A-Blast, also currently holds the positions of secretary and social media supervisor for the new Black Student Union(BSU) here at Annandale High School. He is a 3 sport athlete participating in...

Cyrus Assadzadeh

Staff Writer

Freshman Cyrus Assadzadeh is a staff writer for the ABlast. Additionally, he is a football player for the Freshman team. Cyrus enjoys running a meme account and doing video/photo edits in his spare time. Additionally, he may take on roles for voice acting...

Amira Bashir

Staff Writer

Sophomore, Amira Bashir is staff writer on a blast. This is her first year working on staff at annandale. She previously worked on staff at oakton. In her free time she hangs out with her friends and works at the movies.

Nardos Bekele

Staff Writer

Freshman Nardos Bekele is in her first year on staff as a photographer. She grew up in Ethiopia and came to the U.S. about 4 years ago. She enjoys listening to music and watching Netflix in her free time. Also, she likes to hang out with her friends and...

Khedija Beshir

Staff Writer

Senior, Khedija Beshir is in her first year as a staff writer for the A-Blast. She loves to draw and read in her free time. She also works a lot outside of school. She is involved in clubs such as MSA, Arabic club, Just world, and National Social Studies...

Aminata Dia

Staff Writer

I am a freshman writer for The A-Blast. I play volleyball as a sport, I like making crafts, and love hanging out with my family. Throughout this school year I plan on joining different clubs.In my freetime I work on my business( Aminata’s Creations)...

Dima Dib

Staff Writer

Sophomore, Dima Dib is in her first year on the A-Blast. She hopes to be a good photographer for the A-Blast. She is interested in learning about different cultures and backgrounds. She loves to travel and visit new places during her summer. Her favorite...

Tyler Foti

Staff Writer

Freshman Tyler Foti is in his first year on the A-Blast staff. He is currently a staff writer for The A-Blast. He enjoys playing soccer and basketball and plans to tryout for both teams here at Annandale. In his free time he likes to hang out with friends...

Dylan Gill

Staff Writer

Junior Dylan Gill is currently a staff writer for The A-Blast newspaper. He is entering his first year with the staff. He plays center for the varsity football team during the Fall. In the Winter and Spring he throws shotput for the track team. In his...

Siryet Girma

Staff Writer

Junior Siryet Girma is in her first year of The A-Blast as a staff writer. She spends a lot of time watching shows on Netflix. She also loves to go shopping and hang out with her friends. She loves sleeping and she plans to major in psychiatry after she...

Uyen Huynh

Staff Writer

Sophomore Uyen Huynh is a current staff writer for The A-Blast. She is entering her first year on staff. Aside from The A-Blast, she’s also involved in Green Atoms, Science Olympiad, and Just World. In her free time, she enjoys napping and watching...

Maram Ibrahim

Staff Writer

Junior Maram Ibrahim is new to the A-blast staff this year as a staff writer. She likes to play field hockey and lacrosse and has done so at Annandale the past two years. This year, she hopes to join multiple clubs and honor societies, including Girl...

Cerys Jones

Staff Writer

Cerys Jones, though a senior at Annandale Highschool, is a recent freshmen to the A-Blast writing staff. She is known for being involved in her school’s volleyball team. This year, taking a spot as a middle on the varsity team. She has a passion for...

Sydney Long

Staff Writer

Sophomore Sydney Long, this is her first year in A-blast and a videographer. She enjoys playing softball and volleyball, she is on the JV volleyball team and was on the JV Softball team last spring. She plans on joining Key club this year to complete...

Duc Ngo

Staff Writer

Senior Duc Ngo, a first year staff writer for the A-Blast, also currently an editor-in-chief for The Filament Magazine. His hobby consists of producing artworks for IB Art portfolio and the Filament. He also likes fashion, and believes that every person...

Alondra Obando

Staff Writer

Sophomore Alondra Obando is in her first year of the A-Blast she is currently a staff writer and likes listening to music and do Bolivian dances and likes to watch Netflix and to be on her phone. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and...

D'Andrew Orazco-Lazarte

Staff Writer

Senior D’Andrew Orazco-Lazarte is looking forward to senior year as a staff writer of The A-Blast. He likes to play sports such as football and basketball. In addition, he enjoys playing on competitive teams.

Ernest Owen

Staff Writer

This is the first time Junior Ernest T.R. Owen has worked for the A-Blast as a staff writer. A smart person and talented artist, Ernest has been given many awards for his skills in Greek, drawing, and on many other accomplishments. Older than his other...

Vivian Phan

Staff Writer

Sophomore Vivian Phan is on her first year of journalism. She is joining the A-Blast as a staff writer. She participates in Green Atoms, Just World, and Science Olympiad at school. She has been a Girl Scout since kindergarten. In her free time, she enjoys...

Jared Piza

Staff Writer

Freshman Jared Piza is a photographer for the A-Blast. This is his first year on staff. In his free time he makes videos on Youtube, sings in advanced Choir and plays Baritone. He also resells Sneaker and Clothing. He plans on playing football next season.

Cassandra Quach

Staff Writer

Sophomore Cassandra Quach is currently on her first year as a staff writer working with The A-Blast. She has participated in clubs such as Green Atoms and Just World. She had enjoyed the activities very much and is planning on returning this year. She...

Grace Rai

Staff Writer

Freshman Grace Rai went to Glasgow MS. this is her first year as a staff writer for the A-Blast. Her favorite subject is English and she loves to take photos. She’s super excited to attend school events! In her free time she likes to listen to music,...

Kristina Regmi

Staff Writer

Junior Kristina Regmi is in her first year in A-Blast as a staff writer. She spends a lot of time watching shows, movies, and spending time with friends and family. She also likes to travel to different places, and hopes to travel to Europe one day. She...

Fatima Sayed Eltayeb

Staff Writer

Sophomore Fatima Sayed Eltayeb is in her first year of The A-Blast as a staff writer. She enjoys hanging out with friends, binge watching shows, and travelling with her family. In school she manages the field hockey team, plays lacrosse, and is apart...

Rachel Tran

Staff Writer

Senior Rachel Tran is a staff writer, and this is her first year working with The A-Blast. Rachel participates in the school’s Swim and Dive team as a diver and also the Green Atoms (Annandale's environmental club). She is passionate about mental health,...

Rylie Zimmerman

Staff Writer

Junior Rylie Zimmerman is new to The A-Blast and is a staff writer. He has been playing baseball for Annandale for the last 2 years. He plays left field and second base, and also did indoor track during freshman year. This year, he looks forward to playing...

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