Four classes that may interest you


Dance is a class offered to students but it is off-campus.

Choosing a class can be difficult from all the choices offered at AHS. Knowing what the classes are and do can help you either eliminate or consider the class.

1. Introduction to Interior And Fashion Design

If you love fashion and want to learn about color, design and how it can impact the world then you may want to consider this class next year. This class will also cover interior design and how to furnish, use lighting and learn about energy conservation. You will also be educated about the different careers that use interior design. This class will only give you one-half a credit. There is a material fee required for those who join.

2. Dance 1

This course requires students to leave the campus and transportation may be provided. This class is only for juniors and seniors since they will have to leave the school for a class period. To enter this class you will need to audition. You will learn technique and different types of dances such as modern, jazz and ballet. You will also be informed about the history of dance and learn how to perform. This course will give you two credits and there is a material fee.

3. Theatre Arts 1

If you have always loved the to be on stage or help with the production of a play then you should consider this class. Theatre arts will help you improve your skills and help you find you personal interest by learning about the way to perform and produce. This course will earn you one credit and a material fee may be needed to join.

4. Photojournalism 1

If you want to be apart of the process of producing the school’s yearbook then this class may interest you. You will either need permission from the teacher or have taken Journalism 1.  This course will help you improve you skills in photography, interviewing and design. This class will need some after-school time and one credit is earned when you complete the course.