College Profile: Swarthmore College


Swarthmore college is a liberal arts school.

Location: 500 College Avenue
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Tuition: $43,080

Enrollment: 1,545

Founded: 1864

Application Deadline: Jan. 1

Application Fee: $60

Percentage of Acceptance: 15.1 percent

Swarthmore College is located in Pennsylvania and is a liberal arts college. This school was ranked as the third best liberal arts college. It is set in a suburban area and has over 400 acres of land.  However, this school is very selective; only around 15 percent make it in. In addition to that, the tuition is expensive because it is a private college. This means that the tuition is the same whether one lives out of state or in the state. Swarthmore offers students the opportunity to study around the world. Students have the choice of over 100 programs. Many do take the opportunity to study in a foreign country. The class sizes are also fairly small. Around 75 percent of the classes are made up of 20 or less students. The student to teacher ratio is also low; at only 1:8. So students who attend this school will have the chance to receive one-on-one time. The most common majors are Social Science, Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics. Swarthmore has a good balance of males and females. About 51 percent of the student population is female. There are fraternities, but most choose to live independently. Safety precautions are available here like with many other colleges. There is 24 hour foot patrol, escorts and secure buildings. Health insurance is also offered; as well as amenities like a health center and a women’s placement. Since this school has a high cost of tuition, financial aid is usually provided.

This school is right for you if…

-Want to leave the state.

-Want a liberal arts college.

-Want a low student to teacher ratio.

-Need financial help.