Can you teach us something now?


illustration by Kailyn Garay

English teacher Julia Hanneman


Most students will have more than 60 teachers throughout their whole life time, so sooner or later, students will come across a bad teacher. Here are five signs to tell if you have a bad teacher.

1. Your teacher never leaves there desk. If your teacher only gets up to get paper off the  printer or to get more coffee, than there’s a problem. Teachers should be interactive with their students while they’re teaching and not sitting back and relaxing.

2. When your teacher isn’t interested or doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If your teacher double checks what they are teaching more than three times a class by Googling it or looking in a textbook, then they’re probably not positive about what they’re saying.

They’re also confused about what they’re teaching, if they are teaching the subject incorrectly or if a student has to correct the teacher more than once. If your teacher gets annoyed or bored when you ask them about the subject, that shows that they’re a bad teacher and should reconsider how they approach they’re students about it.

3. When your teacher barley gives you any assignments. This is mostly a sign of a teacher being lazy when the teacher doesn’t give assignments because they don’t want to grade or make the worksheets. This could be a really big problem for the students and affect their grades, because if they don’t do good on an assignment it can change your grades dramatically if there are only a few assignments.

4. The teacher ignores you. If you ask a question during class and the teacher pretends like you didn’t say anything or when you raise your hand and the teacher pretends like they didn’t see it, they’re choosing to ignore you. When a teacher only talks to a certain group of students in the class and ignores the rest of the students this is very rude and is something a bad teacher would do.

Flawed teachers tend to only like to pay attention to the kids who are really interested in the subject or to the kids who tend to only get good grades in the class, but they ignore the kids who struggle and need a little extra help.

5. If the teacher uses other resources to teach the kids. If you find your teacher giving you a dictionary to learn your vocabulary, then their being lazy. Also when they give you textbooks to read through without any instructional teaching with it then they’re relying on books to teach the students and not just teaching the students themselves. Spark notes is a website that summarizes books and also helps you on other subjects. Now in days most students use spark notes but that doesn’t mean teachers should use it as a teaching device. This might sound like a good website to use but it doesn’t explain it as well as students need them to.

Although there are some bad teachers there are also good ones. Each teacher has their own teaching style good and bad, but the truth is all students have different learning styles too. It’s really unfortunate if you have had a bad teacher at AHS because there are so many great ones.