Useful study skills leads to success

Katie Pope, Staff Writer

Studying is neccessary and can make or break your grades. There are various approaches to it, make sure to study in the way that is best for you. Some people may find that flashcards help them the most. 

“I like to use flashcards for Spanish and Chemistry because they help me memorize the material through repetition,” sophomore Hunter Schinstock said.

Some prefer a website called Quizlet for online flashcards and quizzes.

“I use Quizlet a lot because it helps me review and memorize Spanish vocabulary as well as English vocabulary,” sophomore Alex Bellem said. 

If you really want to learn and remember the maximum amount of material, use both flashcards and Quizlet. 

“I like to use flashcards and go on quizlet as well, because both ways are pretty easy to do and Quizlet is very accessible,” sophomore Kora Coker said.

Being organized can improve students’ study habits greatly. A way to be organized is to keep a calendar of any upcoming events and big assignments. Therefore, time will not be an issue because you will know when you are busy. 

Picking a specific time every day and every week to study will help establish a routine and make it a habit and a part of your daily life. 

“Every time I study I like to repeatedly write down all of the material I learn because the more you write something, the more you remember it,” junior Amy Han said.

Consistency helps prepare a person for a study session, therefore the studying will be more productive. 

Procrastination is one of the worst things you can do to your grades and yourself. 

Procrastination will turn into a habit that is hard to break. Setting a due dat for yoursel before the actual due date will help you complete your assignments on time. 

“The best way for me to study is by quizzing my self several classes before a test or quiz so that I can remember the material,” senior Kelsie Licatovich said. 

Putting off assignments to watch Netflix or play Game Pigeon is never a good idea because later there will be a big stack of homework and studying that needs to be done in a short amount of time. Start with the most difficult subject first. The most effective and energized part of studying is the beginning when your brain is fresh and awake.

“I do not really study, I just cram before tests/quizzes. I don’t have enough time to study,” sophomore Chase Robson said. 

Cramming and rushing is not helpful in gaining a successful future. Putting everything off until the night before a test or quiz, will strain your brain causing you not being able to retain quality information. 

Studying a whole unit right before a test or quiz leads to late nights which makes the brain tired for the next day. A tired brain does not function nearly as well as a well rested brain. Shoving a bunch of material into the brain does no good, the brain will most likely only remember about half of the information. 

One of the most important things to remember while studying is to stay focused. 

“I have my phone with me when I study and it sometimes distracts me,” senior Hunter Sloan said.

Phones can be very distracting so leave them in a room where you’re not studying. Avoid the temptation to check your phone every ding and notification. 

“I use my phone to play music as I study, but I think that if I turned my notifications off I would probably get some more work done,” Sloan said.

If needed, you can seek help on how to study by talking to teachers, parents, and peers inorder to discover what study method is most effective towards achieving the best grades possible.