Megan Lee, the athlete and scholar

Jessica Salisbury, Academics Editor

How do you keep up with your academics and social life?
I usually spend the majority of my weekends hanging out with friends and I see most of them at sports practices so that takes care of it during the weekdays.

What are your studying habits?
My studying habits aren’t the best , but I usually make sure all of my other homework is done the night before a test so that I can spend that night studying and reviewing.

What is your favorite IB subject?
My favorite IB subject is probably a tie between IB Film Study and IB TOK. I love getting to learn about and make films in Film but learning philosophy in TOK is pretty hard to beat. Everyday it’s something new and genuinely interesting. I’d love to pursue both philosophy and film if I have the opportunity to do so.

What are your plans after high school?
After high school I plan on attending a film school. Ending up in New York City would be an absolute dream come true.

How do you prepare for IB exams?
I still have a decent amount of time before any of my IB exams, but until then I’ll just make sure to keep track of my notes in all my classes and review them whenever I have the chance.

Is your only focus academics?
No, athletics and the arts play a huge role, if not a bigger role, in my life than academics. I love being able to play three sports throughout the school year since it keeps me in shape and I get to have a break from academics every day. Photography, painting, and making films is another huge stress reliever in my life and they’re all things I want to professionally pursure sooner or later.

Who has helped you on your IB journey and how or why?
I’d say I’ve had three major motivators throughout my IB journey; the first being my Latin teacher, Ms. Ash who’s been such an amazing person in my high school career helping me with anything I’ve needed. Secondly, Coach Hook for teaching me so many things on and off the field- all of which have really helped me more than she probably realizes. Lastly, my friends and fellow IB candidates who have stuck by me and suffered with me through these ups and downs of high school.

What advice do you give to future IB candidates?
Relax! Take one day at a time and if you have a bad day, get some sleep and try again the next day. Take some classes you’re genuinely interested in and play some sports or joining some clubs to keep yourself active and on schedule.

What skills do you think the IB program has taught you that can help you later in life?
The IB program has taught me to persevere and push throught the challenges you face even if you don’t see them paying off right away. Karma is a beautiful thing and your hard work will be acknowledged sooner or later.