How to cope with extracurricular activities and school

Marian Osman, Staff Writer

Playing sports or doing extracurricular activities after school can be challenging especially when taking difficult courses at school that have rigorous curriculum.

Taking IB or Honors classes while doing extracurricular activities after school is hard to handle, because if a student has a test the following day, while also needing to go to practice they will feel overwhelmed.

Right after school students need to go to the locker room, change, then head out to practice which could last hours, then be ready to do homework when they go home.

After this, they have to go home and complete long assignments.

Homework can take students many hours depending on the class.

“After school I go to the girl’s locker room to change from my school clothes into my volleyball clothes,” sophomore Diane Nguyen said. “Then I take my water bottle at 3:45 p.m. and head down to the gym to help set up the net. Practice starts, then ends at 6:15 p.m.”

The volleyball team’s practice starts at 3:45 p.m. and ends at 6:15 p.m.

“Once practice ends, I get picked up and go home tired,” Diane Nguyen said. “But still have to finish all the homework that I get from my teachers.”

Students who play sports and do extracurricular activities have a lot on their plate once they get back from after school and get stressed over all the work that they have to complete before their deadline.

Students can cope with extracurricular activities by trying their best to not get stressed, in order to complete the homework that they are given that day.

If students do not try to complete their homework the day it is assigned, they will get stressed out when they come home from afterschool.

Students should not procrastinate when they get home from school, because that will only add to the amount of work that a student will be worrying about before the due date of their assignment.

Getting a calendar will make students more organized. Allowing them to know what they have going on in their week and what they need to. Noting down when they have tests or projects due, will allow them to plan out their week and work on their own schedule.

Use your weekends to prepare for the upcoming week, by doing homework that is due the following week to get ahead of time, which will give a student time to study and do things that will take more time.

Take advantage of W4, instead of sitting around using their phone they should instead start on homework.