Take this quiz to find out your learning style

Khadija Ahmed, Academics Editor

1. Which activity is appealing for you to do in history class?
a) Drawing and labeling a map
b) Participating in a Socratic Seminar
c) Taking notes
d) Performing a skit

2. What would you do in your free time?
a) Watch a television show
b) Talk with a friend
c) Read a book
d) Practice a sport

3. Which social media apps do you use the most?
a) Instagram, VSCO
b) YouTube, Snapchat
c) Twitter, Reddit
d) I don’t use social media.

4. How would you prefer to receive feedback?
a) Using a rubric
b) Using a verbal meeting
c) Using a written description
d) Using examples

5. Which study method is most effective for you?
a) Looking at notes in a graphic organizer
b) Watching videos
c) Rewriting notes
d) Doing practice problems

6. Which elective interests you the most?
a) IB Film Studies
b) Leadership
c) Journalism
d) Academy classes

7. How would you help someone that got lost on their way to the airport?
a) Draw a map
b) Tell her the directions
c) Write down the directions
d) Go there with her

8. What makes you want to read a book?
a) The cover looks nice
b) A friend likes it
c) Reading an excerpt
d) It contains real-life stories

9. What would you do to decide what to cook for dinner?
a) Go on Pinterest to find something
b) Ask friends
c) Use a cookbook
d) Pick something you already know

10. What would you do to decide what food to order?
a) Look at what others are eating
b) Ask the waiter
c) Read the menu
d) Order something tried and true

11. How would you plan a road trip with friends?
a) Show them the places on a map
b) Call, text or email them
c) Show the itinerary
d) Describe highlights

12. What is your zodiac sign?
a) Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces
b) Gemini, Libra, Scorpio
c) Leo, Virgo, Aquarius
d) Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius


If you selected mostly A’s, you are a visual learner.
If you selected mostly B’s, you are a auditory learner.
If you selected mostly C’s, you are a reading/writing learner.
If you selected mostly D’s, you are a kinesthetic learner.

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