Less colleges require SAT testing

For juniors and seniors in Annandale High School, this is a stressful time because of the topic of SAT and ACT. Students are preparing to take their SAT in March of 2020. Some students have already attempted this big test. “I took the SAT in December but I am going to take it again because I think I could do better. I feel like this test is one of the most important tests I am going to take so I have to get a good score,” junior Nalin Rawat said. 


Students may not have to stress as much as they usually do because of the many different college options that don’t require SAT or ACT scores. More and more colleges are taking out SAT and ACT scores out of the requirement for getting accepted. 


A college that made the SAT and ACT optional for acceptance is the University of Chicago. There are many other highly-ranked colleges that have transitioned to the no SAT or ACT requirement. Schools such as Bates College, Bowdoin College, Bryn Mawr College, The George Washington University, and Hofstra University are all test flexible. Test flexibility means certain schools might not need an SAT or ACT score if you meet a certain GPA.


Colleges are starting to form a belief that one test should not have this much of a role in a person’s acceptance in a certain college. Some teachers in Annandale High School believe that it is good that more schools are taking SAT and ACT scores out of the requirement and it is not as important as the other things that should qualify students from getting into college.


 “I think that it’s good because it’s just a number and if you’re not a good test taker then you’re going to get knocked out right off the bat just based on whatever number it is. It is more helpful to students if they looked at your grades in school or what you are interested in or extracurriculars,” math teacher Jessica Klein said.  


Just the thought of SAT and ACT stresses the students of Annandale High School. “I pursuing the IB diploma but I feel like if I don’t do good on the SAT, I will not get accepted to the colleges I want to go and that scares me”, junior Tsenat Efrem said.