Is virtual learning easier than being in school? – No

Virtual learning may be our only option for education at the moment, but both students and teachers have had to face problems and make changes to their school life.

Atoms are now having to face issues that they never would have faced during an in-person school day without Covid-19.

Aspects of the typical in-person school day that usually were overlooked, have now become things students and teachers wish virtual learning included.

The biggest difference between virtual learning and in-person learning is the ability to engage with your peers, teachers and learning environments.

“Virtual learning is harder than being at school,” senior Madison Cruz said. “The virtual setting is less hands-on and instead you sit at a computer all day.”

Being trapped inside all day while completing virtual classes makes it hard for students to get hands-on and have social interactions. These aspects are vital for some students’ ability to learn.

Freshman Jana Russel starts her first year at AHS having to take on a whole different approach to learning.
“It’s harder to really understand the material when not being with the teacher physically,” Russel said.

Not only are students finding challenges with virtual learning, but teachers are also having to make major adjustments.

‘“As a teacher, I feel that being at school is easier,” Auto Tech Teacher Randolph O’Dell said. “I feel like I don’t know where students are. Instead of me walking around the classroom, I have to go into the book and pull up every student to see where they’re at.”

It can be hard for teachers to navigate students’ understanding of topics presented virtually without in-person interactions. Walking around a classroom full of students can play an important role in a teacher’s ability to track progress on activities.