TJ Hutnan takes a swing at IB


IB Spotlight: Profiles of Diploma Candidates

Q: What is your favorite IB subject?

A: My favorite IB subject was definitely TOK because Mr. Kelly was such a great teacher and the class was very interesting.

Q: What clubs are you in?
A: I’m not currently in any clubs, but I was in MHS my junior year before COVID hit. It was pretty fun to attempt the challenging math problems they had.

Q: What made you decide to do the IB diploma?
A: I chose to do the IB diploma because I honestly wanted a challenge. I wanted to challenge myself and see what I was able to accomplish in order to prepare myself for college.

Q: What skills do you think the IB program has taught you that can help you later in life?
A: A major skill I have learned is to NOT procrastinate at all. I have been able to manage my time very well and still have enough time to hang with my friends

Q: How have your friends and family supported you this year?
A: My friends and family have been there for me whenever I need help. They have given me useful advice on how to approach certain things.

Q: How are you spending your time now that IB exams are cancelled?
A: I have just been sitting back and chilling. I haven’t been doing anything at all really.

Q: What colleges have you applied to/plan to attend?
A: I’ve applied and been accepted to Virginia Tech. I chose Virginia Tech because when I visited, I had a very memorable time with some friends there and I really loved the school grounds.

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
A: In ten years, I hope to see myself doing a job I love and enjoy. I also hope I am making major bank.

Q: What lasting impact do you want to leave on this school?
A: I hope to show the school that any regular person can put in the effort to achieve many things and do things they might not expect themselves to normally do. Basically, open yourself to new things and embrace them because you might find something you like out of it.

Q: What advice do you have for future IB candidates?
A: All I have to say to future IB candidates is to space out your work, but make sure you do it because I know firsthand the stress of the amount of work that can pile up in only a couple of days.