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Breakfast health benefits


Although not surprising, many high school students are consistently missing the proper nutritious meals needed throughout the day in order to learn and study effectively in and out of school. One of these meals is breakfast, which is always called the most important meal of the day, as a healthy breakfast gives a good start to the day ahead.

“I don’t get enough time in the morning to prepare breakfast, since I have to wake up so early for school,” sophomore Phuong Nguyen said.

Others may blame the school hours for the lack of time to eat lunch, but breakfast is always served in the morning before classes start.

“I don’t eat breakfast unless it is collaboration day, which is when I actually have time to get my book bag, clothes and food ready,” sophomore Angela McLean said.

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There are many factors in determining whether someone will be able to get the proper nutrition that they need for the day. One of the biggest factors is income.

According to, the average medium household income for Virginia is $59,330. Although this may not come off as a low paying salary to some, many families are faced with the burdens of paying off loans, and some families have only one source of income, making it hard to get money for appropriate, healthy meals.

While some may believe there is nothing wrong with skipping a meal, and just eating snacks throughout the day, some think otherwise.

“Skipping meals is a very bad idea. Research has shown that students who skip meals tend to be more tired in school and are more likely to fall asleep in class,” health teacher Gabriel Romano said.

“Athletically, kids who skip meals are more likely to run out of energy at the end of games when the outcome is usually decided. Also, kids who skip meals might gain weight, since they tend to overeat when they are hungry or snack on junk food.”

“I always eat breakfast in the mornings at the same time every day. If I don’t eat breakfast, I won’t be able to concentrate in class. All I think about is eating,” sophomore Chelsea Alfonso said.

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Breakfast health benefits