Chipotle Closes in Oregan and Washington

As of Friday, October 30, 43 Chipotle outlets across the states of Washington and Oregon have closed down due to an e coli infection. Between October 13 and 24 approximately 37 cases of people infected were reported. Nine people were hospitalized due to the infection.


E coli is a bacteria found in the digestive tracts of humans and animals. The most common way people in the United States get e coli is if meat is not fully cooked. The bacteria can survive temperatures up to 160°F and infect people when they eat. Children and elderly are most prone to the e coli infections.


“I was upset to hear about the outbreak, but I am still going to eat there because it tastes good,” said junior Saud Shah.


The cases are thought to be spread across eight different restaurants. Forty three chains in the states of Washington and Oregon temporarily closed to be cautious. The reopening of the restaurants will depend on the speed of the investigation.


“I usually eat at Chipotle two to three times a month,” said senior Symone Jenkins. “I think the e coli infection is gross and it made me not want to eat there anymore. I haven’t eaten at Chipotle since I heard the news.”
The outbreak has not only affected the stores in the area, but the chain itself. The shares for Chipotle have dropped 5% since the infection was announced.