Things to watch out for this Halloween

Be on the look out for these four potentially dangerous things this Halloween

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner. Here are some things to watch out for during this year’s halloween that can be very serious.
Halloween can be very fun yet very dangerous at the same time.
This Halloween if you’re planning on wearing a wig as a part of your costume, watch out for head lice.
Marijuana infused candy has recently been touched upon in some states. Parents are concerned that their kids could receive some of this candy.
Halloween is also the perfect time for parties and fun. Some adults could get out of hand while partying and drive under the influence of alcohol. Be sure to watch out for cars that are swerving or driving irradically.
Finally, eatting all of your candy in one night is extremely bad for you in more ways than one.
You’re never too old to trick-or-treat or dress up so watch out for these four things that could harm you if you don’t pay close enough attention!

Lice hidden in wigs

Wigs can carry lice for long periods of time. Once you put it on, the lice transfer to your head and could infest your hair. This is so easy to get rid of. Simply put the wig in a bag for 48 hours or more. This helps eliminate the lice from your wig and can save you from having a lice infestation on your head.

Weed infused candy

This issue has only been accounted for in a couple states. This candy is extremely unsafe for children. It is easily accessible and can definitely mistaken for as another candy. Weed can be infused into familiar candies you eat like Kit-Kat, Poptarts, Reese’s, and sour patch.

Drunk Drivers

Halloween is a big party day for both teenagers and adults. Over 6,000 people died in drunk driving related accidents in 2015. You’ve probably been heard this since you were in elementary school, but make sure to watch where you’re going while crossing the streets.

Binge eating candy

Don’t binge eat everything in one night. First of all eating at night is already bad because it turns into fat and you aren’t burning any calories while sleeping. Also if you do eat candy at night make sure to brush your teeth in order to avoid cavities. Better yet, wait till the next day to eat your candy.