What you need to know about protein powder

Four facts that may shock you

Jamileh Hamadeh, Staff Writer

Protein powder is used by many of our annandale students. Senior, Ian Marburger, is one of them.
“I started using protein powder around the same time I started lifting because I saw all the big guys at the gym using it too,” Marburger said.
He personally uses the protein brand PROMASIL and has been using it for a while. He only takes it directly after a workout session to maximize protein synthesis.
“I like to use chocolate when I am just using protein powder and vanilla when I mix it with spinach or berries,” Marburger said. “Protein powder is good when you need protein after a workout, or when I need an extra protein boost, but it is better to get your protein from real foods.”
Some facts about protein powder that you will read about in this article are that too much protein powder can be really bad for you. You cannot get fit from only drinking only protein supplements.
You will learn about some positive effects of drinking protein powders.


Consuming too much protein powder can be dangerous for your health.
You could gain weight, get dehydrated, increase liver enzymes and cause intestinal irritation. Some of these reactions only happen when you lack drinking water. For example, when you increase the amount of protein you consume, you could get seizures if you are not fully hydrated. If you consume protein powder at the serving size, you have nothing to worry about.






You can’t get fit by only drinking protein shakes.
In fact, the opposite will happen. The only way you can start seeing results from drinking protein shakes is by working out. Protein shakes have a lot of calories which is why they are sometimes substituted for meals. By doing this you may gain some protein, but instead you could be getting better nutrients from meals. Sitting around and drinking protein shakes will not do you any good so do not try it.



Protein powder makes you gassy.
Some protein powders result in having a lot of gas. It can cause bloating, gas after

eating, heartburn or sometimes vomiting. If you experience gas, try switching brands.

Depending on the quality of the protein powder, you might find that some protein

powders are easier to digest than others. This happens when you consume way too

much protein powder. Protein needs a lot of stomach acid to get broken down properly.






Benefits of drinking protein supplements.
Protein can be found in dairy, meat, nuts and beans. However, protein shakes share the same value as these meals. Protein powders make it easier and faster to get these proteins. Amino acids are easier to get while consuming these powders. Whey protein can provide muscle while working out, fat loss, and it helps you gain your energy back after working out. Protein is not expensive at all and is easily accessible.