Is your cellphone unhealthy?

Studies claim phones cause cancer and insomnia


The consistent notifications from smartphones leave people on edge and stressed out. Cell phones have also been found to cause insomnia, vision problems, illness, and possibly cancer.

Rachel Shogren, Health Editor

1 Cell Phones can cause cancer
This rumor has been around for ages. Many believe the radiation from cell phones can cause a growth in tumors.
A recent study from the US Department of Health involved exposing rats to cell phones for nine hours a day for two years.
Researches found a strong link between the cell phone radiation and the growth of tumors surrounding nerves in the hearts of males. Those tumors were not found in the female rats.
The researchers made a link to Snapchat addicted humans in their study. People who are staring at their phone for hours a day using social media may be at risk for certain types of cancer.
Researchers have acknowleged that more studies need to be done before phone users make serious changes. As of now, it is a good idea to limit your phone use.

2 smartphones cause insomnia

Smartphones keep people up late at night for more reasons than just social media. Smart phones emit a blue light that can suppress melatonin, the sleep regulation hormone. This leads to insomnia.
Smartphones are held close to the face, intensifying the absorption of blue light from the phone. This can cause severe insomnia, keeping avid phone users from getting enough sleep.
Keeping smartphones on at night only adds to the problem. Charging your phone in a different room or far away from where you are sleeping will keep way the temptation of picking up your phone constantly. This will help people get more sleep.
Smartphones have the biggest effect on kids. A National Sleep Foundation study found that at lest 75% of kids ages six through 17 have at least one electronic device in the bedroom. Pre-teens that keep their electronic devices on all night get about one hour of sleep less a night.
Adolescents cannot tolerate the blue light exposure as well as adults. Their melatonin production is affected much more than adults.
Although many see cellphones as a negative part of the sleep process, some use their phone to help them fall asleep.
“I have insomnia, but I don’t think my phone contributes to it. If anything, I will use my phone to watch netflix to help me fall asleep at night,” senior Charlotte Getsey said.
Manufacturers are looking into a solution to the blue light problem that affects many peoples sleep at night.
If you have been having trouble sleeping, it may be because of your electronic device. Turn off these devices at night.

3 tiny screens cause vision problems
Reading articles, scrolling through Instagram, reading emails, and texting friends may be the reason that you have been having some vision problems. Those tiny screens have a major effect on your eyes. The combination of the bright light and tiny words can cause blurred vision, headaches, sore eyes, and dry eyes.
Completely stopping the use of your smartphone won’t solve the problem. You should take frequent breaks. For every 20 minutes that you are on your phone, look far away for 20 minutes. This will help rest your eyes.
This system will also prevent those headaches that are frequently caused by these tiny electronics.

4 Cellphones can make you sick
You hold your cellphone close to your face, you are constantly touching it with your germy hands, it is bound to catch a few germs.
You use your cell phone everywhere, you set it down on everything, and all these places are sources of bacteria.
A recent study by the Michigan School of Public Health found more than 17,000 bacterial gene copies on the phones of high school students. You are breathing in those bacteria when you are talking on the phone, and you are spreading that bacteria when you touch your face or a door knob or someone else after touching your phone.
That bacteria can attack your immune system and lead to sickness.
Researchers have found several dangerous bacteria on cell phones including streptococcus, MRSA, and E.Coli.
In order to prevent these bacteria from building up on your phone, leave your phone out of the bathroom and be sure to clean it with a microfiber cloth frequently. Don’t let your phone be the reason you get sick.

5 Cellphones increase stress
Cellphones project a high frequency with their constant ringing and buzzing that can have a negative effect on stress levels. The frequent notifications tend to put people on edge.
A Swedish study placed a direct link between psychosocial aspects of cell phone use and mental health symptoms in young adults. Excessive cell phone use was found to be the cause of stress, sleep deprivation, and depression in young adults.
Cell phones have also been found to negatively affect emotions. Several studies show that when one is talking with a cell phone present, they come off more negative and distant.
Be aware of your cell phone. If you are having a conversation, especially an important one, put your phone away and out of sight. Also, if you start feeling distant from people or have an increase in stress, try using your cell phone less.