Is perfume dangerous?

Aminata Dia, Staff Writer

Perfume is dangerous and here’s why. 

Two million and rising Americans are allergic or fragrance sensitive to perfume or colognes. 

There are many harmful ingredients in perfumes that are deadly and perfume affects our health. 

On March 28, a lawsuit was filed against the Caltrans company by a 62 year old man. 

The victim, John Barrie, told his supervisor multiple times that he is very sensitive to perfumes and cleaning products like Comet, Clorox and Windex. 

The supervisor had ignored Barrie everytime Barrie brought up the conflict.

In the trial, the judge ruled against him and sided with the Celtrans company, saying that a $3 million dollar reward was an unnecessary move. 

The court instead tried offering Barrie $350,000. 

Barrie didn’t approve of the decision, so he appealed. 

The Third Appellate District court sided with Barrie, saying that the $3 million dollar pay was  needed. 

To give some information about how John Barrie won the case above, here is some research about perfume.

Harmful ingredients such as acetone, benzaldehyde, benzyl acetate, and a dozen more are harmful for the body and cause much sensitivity to the skin, the eyes and the mouth.

If one ingests these chemicals daily, symptoms like headaches, skin irritation, and allergic rhinitis can occur.

Several studies even show that perfumes can cause respiratory and nervous system issues. 

Knowing this information, companies and the government have tried to make a change. 

Large scale companies have put clear labels on perfumes that list what ingredients are in the perfumes. 

Certain workplaces have rules saying that perfumes are not allowed. 

Some airports ask that you should not wear perfume so as not to cause a medical issue.

So before you spray half of bottle on perfume, think about the people that you may be hurting.