Students and staff take joy in cooking


Junior Danya Khreshi makes a vegan pizza topped with olives, peppers, onions, spinach and buffalo sriracha.

One of the many things students and staff have been exploring during this uncertain time has been cooking. It is a fun and easy way to take away from the stress that a lot of people are feeling in these tense times.

Gourmet teacher Michele Anwyll has been keeping busy by cooking a variety of dishes. “I have made vegetarian asparagus and mushroom with roasted cauliflower quiche with quinoa crust,” Anwyll said. She has also provided students with videos on Google Classroom of how to make vegan pasta.

Using some old pizza crust recipes, Anywll has taken her own twist to make some gourmet pizza sauces such as red onion with white truffle oil. She encourages her students and even staff to take a chance to cook something new.

Junior Danya Khreshi has also been using her free time as an opportunity to keep herself busy in the kitchen. Khreshi has been cooking new things while staying in the boundaries of her vegan lifestyle.

So far, Khreshi has made some sweets, like French toast sticks and fried Oreos, and savory meals, like sushi, vegan crunch wraps, Mediterranean wraps and falafel.

On TikTok, many creators are providing users with easy and creative meals or treats to cook during this hectic time. “The food looks cool, so I was really interested to give it a try,” junior Andy Zepeda said. He recently followed a Tik Tok to make fried rice and was pleased with the result.

Perhaps the most viral TikTok trend is whipped coffee which consists of instant coffee, boiling water and sugar. The treat is achieved by whisking the three ingredients together for about twenty minutes (or less with a stand mixer), and then serving it with milk and ice.

Whether it be pizza with a twist, vegan food or coffee, students and teachers alike are spending their time at home cooking something up.