The benefits of a skin care routine

Developing a great skin care routine is very important because your skin is one of the largest organs of your body. It is a shield that protects your body, so having a daily routine can help it maintain its job for a longer period of time.

If you are not keeping your skin healthy, it can crack and break the barrier, making you more prone to catching an infection. 

Many people find a daily routine is healthy for the skin. 

“I really think a routine is important because following one that actually works can boost your effort to having great skin,” senior Jasmin Harris said.

Cleansing your skin daily rather than every once in a while is very beneficial because your skin sheds every day.

A proper routine keeps you healthy as well. Bad skin care habits can lead to rashes, sores, acne, and wrinkles. 

Not only will you have to maintain a routine, but you will have to keep up with it as well because being inconsistent can ruin your skin. 

Despite this, others argue that a daily routine can damage your skin as opposed to protecting it.

“Personally, I don’t put too many chemicals on my face every day,” senior Sirena Clemons said.

 “A simple wash is enough for me because my skin could get very dry if I use too much.”

Keeping it very simple with more lightweight products is very important because overdoing the cleansing can cause pimples.

“I like to use Clean & Clear soap, witch hazel, and a Cetaphil moisturizer. I don’t do too much to my skin” senior Zariyah Brown said.

Some good products can be found at local stores.

“Two simple and inexpensive choices are a daily use of bar of dove soap and a charcoal face mask, which I use twice a week” Clemons said. 

A consistent skin care routine will make you feel good because it boosts your confidence and motivates you to take care of your health, hair, and body in general. It also motivates you to wake up and accomplish many other tasks throughout your day. 

“I feel like having a good skin care routine does boost your motivation and self-love up a whole lot!” Harris said. “Nothing feels better than a fresh clean face.” 

A good skin care routine is both effective and essential to keeping your skin strong and healthy. You should take care of it and be mindful of what you put onto your body so your skin can continue to protect you.