Q&A with Fairfax County police officer PFC Mike Green

Q&A with Fairfax County police officer PFC Mike Green

What is the most common violation you see?

I see a lot of speeding, and when it comes to speeding, reckless speeding.

 What are the penalties for driving infractions?

For any speeding violations, there is always a fine. There is a minimum of a $35 fine, plus $55 in court fees, and with taxes a speeding violation will total over $100. On top of all that, a speeding violation grants automatic points on your license and then points on your insurance. A lot of kids don’t know that, and then their insurance cost goes up.

What is your advice to parents of teenagers?

My advice to parents is to do what you’re preaching. If you speed often, it’s likely your children will too. Your child is going to mirror what you do, so you should teach good habits. The county also offers a Safe Teen driving school and information about this school can be found at www.fairfaxcounty.gov.

 What is your advice to teenagers?

My biggest pet peeve is kids need to put the phone down. Wait until you are stopped or at home. Also, speed limits aren’t there as a punishment or as a guideline, they’re there for a reason. Speed limits are there to protect people, so people need to pay attention.

 What is the most unsafe behavior you see among teenage drivers?

I see a lot of overcrowded vehicles, with loud music, driving recklessly. It gets dangerous when kids are trying to show off to their friends.

 What do you think of the punishments associated with teenage driving infractions?

Personally, punishments are just right. You’re not getting your license suspended for just one ticket generally, most kids are given a second chance to demonstrate good driving habits. A serious violation warrants a serious penalty, which is fair.

 What’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen a teenager involved in?

There was a young adult driving on Route 7, he had been drinking wine, and he hit a vehicle when he was going the wrong way. He was ejected from his vehicle, and the vehicle rolled over him and continued to roll into oncoming traffic causing six people to go to the hospital in critical condition all because he was under the influence of alcohol.

 Any last words of wisdom for teenage drivers?

One thing: everything you do has a consequence. If you’re speeding, you have the potential to kill someone. Follow the rules because they keep you and everyone else safe and you’ll be good.