Regifting 101


This holiday season if your budget is small and you aren’t artsy enough to make something, regifting unwanted gifts is always an option.

Regifting can be used for unnecessary items, such as a gift you had previously owned and owning two would just take up space, or for items you know you will never use. It can be that canary yellow bag you just received for your birthday you know you have no clothes to match with, or that food processor that you already have one of.

To re-gift a few preliminary measures have to be taken. First, make sure whatever you are regifting is in the original packaging or still has the tag or barcode sticker still attached. Next, you have to remember who gave you the gift. This is probably the most important rule because if you regift it to someone who even has the slightest possibility of recognizing the original gift giver, your credibility will be shot and it will be very awkward. Avoid regifting to the same circle of friends and same side of the family to minimize conflict.

After ensuring the tags and packaging is still in place, check and double check the item to ensure there isn’t a card or personal note anywhere on the object or in the original bag. If it is an object that has been sitting for long periods of time, dust it off and make it look like it’s brand new.

The final regifting piece of advice is have good intentions. Don’t regift something just to get rid of an unwanted gift or to create closet space for a friend who will likely spend money on you. If you’re in an awkward situation where you have to give a gift to someone you don’t really like that’s okay, but your friends probably won’t appreciate something you don’t even want. Regifting is the perfect way to spend money and find uses for those unwanted gifts.