Seniors create Prom dress group


Alumni Hiba Abuelhawa at last year’s Prom. Abuelhawa posted her dress on the last year’s Facebook Prom group.

As Prom season approaches the stress of finding the perfect dress sets in for senior girls. Many stores’ dress lines for 2013 Prom have been out since January and girls are starting to shop and purchase their dress for the event.

In previous years, a Facebook group has been created inviting all of the senior girls to post a picture of their Prom dress to avoid the awkward encounter of two people wearing the exact same dress. This year the Facebook group was created by senior Kylee Nisker.

“I made the group mainly to eliminate girls having duplicate dresses. It worked so well last year and now it gives everyone an idea of what other people are wearing,” Nisker said.

The group currently has about 152 members but anyone, including underclassmen who are asked as dates to attend Prom, can be added. Senior Kalie Rosati recently posted a picture of her Prom dress to the Facebook group.

“It wasn’t the dress I originally wanted, but I’m so much happier with this one! I can’t wait for Prom,” Rosati said.

Even though the group was created to avoid two girls wearing the same dress, some girls don’t care about finding a unique dress.

“I originally thought it was a good idea but now I realize it doesn’t really matter if someone else has the same dress as you if they’re not in your group,” senior Tina Uglietta said.

Girls are exploring many options, such as online shopping and shopping in stores. Stores located inside local shopping malls include Group USA, Dillards, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and more. Popular online websites include and If you don’t want to buy a dress, you can always rent one from