College grocery shopping on a budget


Phuong Nguyen, LIfestyles Editor

Living on a tight college budget can be difficult. Almost every college student will have to deal with money constraints while living on their own. Yes, that means adjusting to ramen noodles for dinner every night and stashing spare change. When shopping for groceries on a budget it’s important to use common sense in order to save money. Here are ten money saving tips:

  1. Shop at wholesale retailers to stock up on everyday items. These types of stores sell products in bulk and will save you lots of money and time. Examples include BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

  2. Use coupons. Many people throw away their mail-in coupons, while others take advantage and use couponing as a way to shop for groceries.

  3. Avoid splurging on snacks and junk food and focus more on buying fresh produce and the basics such as butter, milk, eggs, cheese etc.

  4. Watch out for money saving opportunities such as gas rewards offered at Giant Food.

  5. Plan out shopping trips to make sure you only get what you need.

  6. Stock up on frozen meals because they are a cheaper and quicker alternative to eating out.

  7. If you’re sharing a dorm, make a plan with your roommates and divide up the grocery bill.

  8. Only purchase items that are on sale and say no expensive items, unless it’s an emergency.

  9. Pay attention to hidden deals. Instead of purchasing an item for example $3.49, purchase two for example a deal of $5.00.

  10. Use your savings cards to receive exclusive store discounts.