Ways to stick to New Year’s resolutions


With determination and commitment, anyone can accomplish their New Year’s resolutions.

Now is the perfect time to decide your New Year’s resolutions. However, you may find it difficult to stick to your resolutions because of the lack of motivation or memory. According to the Wall Street Journal, a total of 88% of resolutions fail because it’s very hard for people to change their habits. With that said, here are ways to help you fulfill your promises if you’re willing commit.

1. Write your resolution(s) on sticky notes and place them around your house, particularly in places that you often encounter. For starters, stick notes on your dresser, bathroom mirror, bookshelf, closet door,  cell phone, laptop, wallet, purse, backpack, or classwork binder.

2. Set reminders on your iPhone if you have one, otherwise set reminders on your computer.

3. Reward yourself with a piece of candy or healthy snack everyday you get through your resolution. While your eating, it’s best to reflect on your progress and think about the possible effects of failing to accomplish your resolution.

4.  Get creative. For example, write your resolution(s) on a piece of cloth or felt and stitch it to your bath towel. That way, you’ll notice it everyday.

5. Split your resolution(s) into steps and write them on a calendar. Place your calendar in front of your desk where it will catch your attention every time you look up from work.