Homecoming guide

Students plan to look their best and shop for the perfect dress


Salima Khan

Express Black mid-length detailed dress $50

Homecoming is on Saturday and many are stressing about what to wear. There is no need to panic. Even with little time left, there may be potential finding a spectacular dress. To begin, you need to determine how much you’re willing to spend. Once you determine your budget you can then figure out what styles are in for this time of the month. After you’ve decided your budget and style, search for your dress either in store or online.

It’s always good to think ahead of the game and make a budget plan. Most people consider buying cheap dresses and others tend to go for more expensive ones. Start off by figuring out how much money you are willing to spend on your Homecoming dress.

Before looking into where you should get your dress, start figuring out the latest trends and styles. Begin by looking through magazines, blogs, Youtube videos and TV. There are many different styles you can go for, including strapless, floor-length, or short. When figuring what dress you want, remember to also focus on what colors or shape will flatter you most. Also pay attention to luxurious fabrics and quality.

Online shopping is another quick and easy option for people who are busy and don’t have time to go look in store. A perk of shopping online is finding simple dresses for cheaper prices than in walk-in stores. Sites also make it easy to shop by price, color and brand. Some sites offer free shipping after a certain amount is spent. Beware that some online stores may not be reliable, so make sure to check reviews on the sites before buying. 

Consider searching in stores for a more reliable alternative for online shopping. Stores tend to have many discounts and clearance sales. A major benefit of shopping in stores is that you may try on your dresses in store before buying.  Also, it’s easier to return and get your money back. Local thrift stores are another dependable source if you’re looking for a cheaper option. You’ll be surprised with what you find, and no one will have the same dress. Many people donate dresses they don’t wear, so you will be provided with numerous unique styles and colors.

Homecoming doesn’t have to be as expensive since there are alternative ways of buying dresses. Make sure to make use of all of the available resources. Don’t stress about something that could be so simple. Finding the dress will guarantee that you have a perfect night.