DIY Fall Decor

Katie Pope, Staff Writer

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Materials needed for the Pumpkin: Colorful crayons, A pumpkin, Hair dryer, Tape, Newspaper and A big empty. 

Materials needed for the Bat: Toilet paper roll, Black sharpie, Color pencils, Scissor, Brown paper, White paper and Glue. 

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  • Set up an area where things can get messy.

  • Take all the paper off the crayons.

  • Tape the crayons on the pumpkin, and keep them a little spread out.

  • Turn your blow dryer on hot, and blow dry the crayons on the pumpkin until they melt.

  • Take the tape off the pumpkin, and your cute, easy to decorate pumpkin is complete.

  • Set up your area and make sure its an area that can be easily cleaned

  • Color the paper roll with a black sharpie and fold the tops in on both side of the rolls.

  • Outline the bat wings and cut them out.

  • Glue the wings on to the toilet paper.

  • Cut out two eyes from the white piece of paper and cut them out. Color them black.

  • Cut out the mouth from the white piece of paper and cut it out. Color the mouth pink.

  • Glue the eyes and mouth to the bat and there you go, a simple bat made with materials you had at home.

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