Begin your Spring Cleaning

Daylight Saving has arrived so get an early start to your Spring cleaning

Yabi Bereket, Staff writer

It’s that wonderful time of year again, flowers are blooming, Daylight Savings has come, and best of all, the time to spring clean has begun. Spring is known to be the season of major transformations whether that be with the blooming flowers, giving your room a total makeover, or giving yourself the opportunity of a fresh start.

I’m someone who is all about major changes, so this time of year excites me because I take full advantage of the meaning of spring cleaning.

First, I like to play a motivating playlist on Spotify to help get me in the mood for cleaning. Dress comfortably, and prepare yourself for hours of intense and thorough cleaning of your room.

It’s best to usually start with clothing. Spring and summer are approaching, so sort through your clothes, and pack away winter jackets and winter clothing to welcome in clothes for the approaching warm weather.

When you’re unpacking your summer clothes and putting away your winter clothes, look for things you know you’re not going to wear anymore. Put them in a bag to donate to a local thrift store, such as Salvation Army or Goodwill. You could try donating to Treasure Trove, a place fro clothing collection associated with Inova Hospital. All the proceeds from your donated clothes go to fund their medical campus programs.

“As much as I hate cleaning out my clothes, I feel better afterwards because then it makes the clutter smaller,” said freshman Melat Haimanot.

While separating, make sure to get your clothes in a laundry bin to get that out of the way.

In addition to going through your clothes, go through your shoes too. Put away those Uggs and bring out the Rainbows. Donate the shoes you’ve grown out of, or the ones that you don’t wear anymore

Next, go straight to the floor and pick up all the trash around you. Make sure to check behind your bed and around furniture too to make sure you get most of it gone. Look out for little bits like hair and gum wrappers. Once all of it is picked up and thrown away, go ahead and vacuum the floor, or use whatever cleaning supply you have on hand to clean the floor. Take out the trash that you have accumulated to get it all out of there.

Next, gather all your cleaning supplies you have with you, and slowly make your way around your room. Complete it all in small sections, like first with glass furniture or anything that could be cleaned using glass cleaner, such as a desk or a full length mirror. Wipe down the surface until you can see your own reflection through it, and then continue on. Don’t forget to also clean any screens in your room such as a computer screen or a T. V. screen.

Move on to wood furniture next. If you have a wood chest of drawers, throw away anything you don’t need lying on top of it, and remove anything else lying on top of it so you can clean the wooden surface with your wood cleaner. After doing so, arrange anything that goes on top in an orderly fashion.

Something that helps get stains such as marker off of walls is a can of hairspray and a rag. Directly spray the area on the wall with the stains. Let it sit for a couple seconds to allow it to take effect, then get a rag and rub it off the walls. They should then be stain free after using this simple remedy. Proceed to do this with any stain on the walls in your room.

“My walls have old pen stains on them for years, and using this trick has helped me remove most of it, which made me really happy because the dirtiness would bother me,” said sophomore Hemen Besufekad.

If you have spare bed sheets, go right ahead and change your current bed sheets and pillowcase for fresh and clean ones, as the old ones have probably accumulated dirt and bacteria over time.

Finally, after being completely exhausted and drained of energy, light a scented candle in the freshly renewed bedroom to help tie together the cleanliness of it.