Homecoming not worth the hype

Yabi Bereket, Lifestyles Editor


Since freshmen year, I’ve attended two Homecomings, but this year, I’m still deciding whether or not going is still on my list.

What I’ve imagined Homecoming to be was something similar to the basic generalization usually seen on television: good music for everyone, a little snack/punch bar and really just an opportunity to have a good time with friends.

Maybe it was just bad luck, but my first experience at Homecoming was not something I expected, in a good and bad way.

I wasn’t very knowledgeable of the expenses that would go into Homecoming such as buying a dress, shoes, a ticket for $20, and more. Once I realized how much would be going into this, I really raised my expectations for the dance.

Once I arrived, all the decorations that were put up looked good, and so far I was feeling excited.

I figured since it was Homecoming, they would be playing a variety of music. I’m someone who doesn’t listen to any type of trap music at all, but I figured Homecoming music would be comprised of a mixture of something for everyone.

Unfortunately, the music  was the first downfall of the night. Besides the one Jackson 5 and mainstream radio song they played, the night consisted of endless rap/trap music, which I’m not a huge fan of.

With my freshmen year being my first Homecoming, I had reasonable expectations, I mean, who wouldn’t? Yet I felt as though there were so many gaping holes in my first experience.

But the number one thing which probably phased me the most was there was no food at the dance.

I based my knowledge of school dances off of what I watched on TV or in movies, so I was kind of disappointed.

I wasn’t “in the know” about going out to eat before or after the dance and I didn’t think it really mattered since I thought there would be refreshments there.

I spent the night very hungry and tired of hearing the same genre of music over and over again.

While all of that was happening, people were dancing really “interestingly” around me while I stuck to my go-to move the sprinkler.

Besides these parts which were a downer for me, I did eventually get used to the atmosphere which was very different from my taste and ended up generally having a good time.

Homecoming is something I think everyone should experience at least once, but going again doesn’t seem appealing  for me in the near future.