Essential clothing pieces this season

Yabi Bereket, Lifestyles Editor

As the air gets colder and the nights get shorter, it is important to be aware that your clothing should be changing too.
Updating your wardrobe is time consuming but it is important that it is done to avoid getting sick.
Throughout this month, people are able to dress in layers, bundle up and still look amazing
One of the main things to remember when dressing in autumn clothing is the colors that pop during this time of the year, such as red, brown, yellow, tan and black.
These next up and coming months will be the most promising in regards to style and fashion.
There are many main components that make a great outfit for the fall, but one of the key elements in looking your best and staying warm too is investing in a jacket and scarf.
Almost everyone knows the type of look: the long boyfriend coat with a flannel and a printed scarf.
This outfit is the way to go if you feel like dressing up and defeating the altering weather patterns.
What most people seek interest in is the typical camel colored long boyfriend coat or army green boyfriend coat, which of course looks amazing, but there are so many other options for boyfriend coat color and looks, you just have to check in the right places.
“Whenever I go to the mall, I make sure to look through all the stores before I decide on purchasing clothes because I want to make sure I’m getting my money worth,” said junior Hemen Besufekad.
“I already went out to buy clothes for the season and a long coat was on the list,” said Besufekad.
Another key element in trying to keep up with autumn fashion trends is procuring up a flannel. As basic as buying a flannel may seem, there is an endless amount of reasons why you should own at least one.
Flannels can be worn in other seasons and is a staple clothing piece people should have in their closets.
Using a flannel looks great when layering clothes and can really bring an outfit together. There are so many different patterns and colors which you can purchase at any store.
One of the many great things about a flannel is how it works in either direction: it could make your outfit look like you really tried or it could help enhance the ‘bum’ outfit look.
Attempting to pick one flannel will be the challenge but one worth overcoming if you find the right one.
“I own like three pairs of flannels and I don’t think my collection will stop growing because flannels are cheap and I like how I look in them,” said sophomore Melat Haimanot. The one thing to look out for when wearing a flannel is making sure the color scheme of the outfit actually matches and it is not just a combination of non -coordinating colors.
Lastly, I think the overarching component of a fall clothing item is the ever beloved sweater. Sweaters have so much variety and you can always count on Forever21 and thrift stores to provide you with bargains on all types of clothing, especially sweaters during sweater weather season.
A specific type of sweater style that many people tend to steer towards is oversized sweaters.
Over sized sweaters are much more comforting when wearing and can really compliment your outfit.
With these autumn clothing essentials, you’ll be sure to stay looking good and warding of the cold weather.