Students bum on the next level

Yabi Bereket, Lifestyles Editor

When walking in the hallways, it is easy to categorize the way people dress into two sections: bumming it out, which consists of wearing pajamas or relaxing attire and the second category which is “normal” clothing for a school day, which could consist of usually just jeans and a shirt.

As time has progressed, there has been a notable shift in the way many students dress when going to school, and it is directed towards dressing comfortably, which results in wearing pajamas.

This new clothing trend is in effect not only on school spirit days like pajama day but could be seen on a day to day basis, and this look is common throughout all grades.

Whether it is plaid pajama bottoms or slippers intended for home use, students continue to dress in clothing which gives off a bum style.

The way it is usually seen, freshmen, sophomore, juniors, and seniors (more commonly seen by juniors and seniors) dress with a more relaxed or laid-back look, while others dress as what is viewed as appropriate and typical attire for school.

Many people prefer this way of dressing because it really is just comfortable to wear, which is reasonable, and takes less time to put together which is also a bonus,  but some don’t fully love the look.

When a new school year begins, everyone is given the SR&R handbook, which outlines guidelines and rules for school, as well as dress codes.

It directly states that students should abstain from clothing that interferes with or disrupts the educational environment of others.

In most cases, wearing sleepwear to school can sometimes be a questionable choice of clothing for some, but ultimately doesn’t seem to disrupt other people’s environment, it’s only worn for comfort.

“ I think that comfort is more important because the style doesn’t matter when you are comfortable,” said junior Alejandro Casquino.

On the other hand, it could look as though wearing those types of clothes shows a student’s lack of interest in school and lack of effort, “I think wearing pajamas to school does bother teachers because it might show that the student isn’t ready to learn,” said Casquino. This decline in effort could also be referred to as, senioritis.  

Senioritis is a fictitious illness where students, typically seniors, begin to show a decline in school work and showing effort in school. “ Sometimes I try to show up ready for class and stuff but I always get tired and dress so that I’m comfortable and don’t feel weird,” said junior Hemen Besufekad. Comfort is always key when getting dressed, but sometimes can be hard to achieve when also trying to be stylish.

“ I would rather be comfortable and ready for class because I could pay attention more when the teacher is talking,” said Besufekad.

Another addition to the loungewear which is becoming a new style trend around the school is wearing a blanket to class- usually in place of jackets to fight against the cold or bringing it just because.

As the weather changes, people want to stay warm, so by wearing blankets, it’ll give people the warmth they need and want.

When maneuvering from class to class, it is easy to notice a trend between each of them where one class tends to be colder or hotter than the next, and rather than lugging around a big and heavy winter jacket, the new idea is just to bring a blanket.

Many of the classes have different temperatures within them making it very frustrating to dress in the right stuff; holding a blanket just makes people feel better and gets the job done.

Another reason as to why students steer more towards this clothing style is because it is easier to accomplish in that it takes less time to put together and is comfortable to wear, which is always the goal.

Some common clothing pieces seen which are worn to achieve the look is wearing a hoodie, Adidas slides, and sweatpants or plaid pajamas.

If you’re not one to dress in comfortable clothing, then you might fit under the category of the dress good feel good mentality. This is something I often play a part in, it is where you don’t necessarily dress to impress, but by putting effort into your outfits and dressing up, you will go to school with a positive attitude and mindset.

Having an overall positive outlook on the school can easily be affected by the clothing you wear in most cases and is just a good opportunity to dress well.

Whether you’re wearing pajamas to school or not, the main goals are to dress in a way that makes you feel good, and want to get the grades you need.