Accessories to spice up your look

Thonny Anwar, Lifestyles Editor

Knuckle Rings 

Standing out and being different is the best way to go about your school year. Knuckle rings are a different kind of ring that can be eye catching. Instead of wearing the ring below the knuckles, they are worn above to give off a very cool look unlike any other. Stacking them on fingers is a popular way to wear them.

Hemp Bracelets 

When the humid air hits, the heavy chains are the last thing to grab for. These hemp bracelets are comfortable and have a smooth, clean finish. They have simple yet creative patterns that are sure to get compliments. A fun fact about the hemp in the bracelet is that it is made out of cannabis, which is a source for producing marijuana. 

Pom Pom Earrings 

These fun and adorable earrings will definitely catch the attention of everyone walking past you. They are very popular due to their soft texture. This is the perfect piece of jewelry when feeling a little bold and crazy. They can be used to add a pop of color to an outfit or just used as a statement piece.

Layered Anklets 

It is more than just a bracelet around your ankle; it is a nice and subtle way of accessorizing an outfit. Layered anklets can dress a look up when being paired with heels or dress a look down when being paired with sneakers. It is the best jewelry piece for walking around the neighborhood or bike riding through the park with friends.

Lariat Necklaces 

These necklaces give off elegant vibes. They look good on any neckline and can look formal or informal. They are like scarves that wrap around the neck and have just one strand hanging down. If pieces that are loud and bold are too much for you, these necklaces are a good choice. 

Crossbody Bags 

It is easier to keep track of your belongings when you carry them in a bag that is compact and versatile. These types of bags are both simple and stylish. They come with an adjustable strap that allows for either over the body or shoulder wear. They can also be paired with any kind of outfit to give off a fashionable look.

Fanny Packs

They’re back and better than ever. Fanny packs have been around forever but have recently become popular. Sarah Jessica Parker and many other fashion icons have been spotted wearing them in a variety of styles. They can be strapped around the waist or back and keep your hands free from the burden of carrying essentials.


Bandanas are perfect for adding a stylish edge to any look. They can be worn in a variety of styles like around the neck or tied on the head. Tying it on the head has been a really popular way to wear them over the years. They can be chosen from a wide range of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Most of the time they give off a street style look.