Tips for Halloween home decor

Tips for Halloween home decor

Thonny Anwar, Lifestyles Editor

As soon as the fall air hits, it happens. The month of October has come and the annual fall tradition of Halloween decorating begins. Celebrate the month with spooky home decorations that will illuminate your house in the neighborhood.

Decorating is important for setting the perfect ambience for the holidays. It also shows neighbors that you are creative.

Whether you choose to give your house a cute look with smiling black cats or a frightening look with blood everywhere, decorating will be a fun way to spend your time. Use your vision of Halloween to decorate your home with decorations of every kind.

Here are some ideas to help transform your ordinary home into something that appears a lot frightening.

1. Orange and black colors
The colors for Halloween have always been considered to be orange and black. Orange represents the color of the harvest and black represents the color of death. The origins of Halloween celebrate the harvest and honors the deceased.

2. Jack o’ Lanterns
The Jack O’ Lantern has always been one of the most traditional and abiding symbols used in Halloween decorating. They are carved from a pumpkin with a face inscribed into it. They vary from a scary stare to something really cute.

3. Skulls and skeletons
Skulls that have jaws that can laugh and chatter or skeletons gripping cauldrons full of candy are sure to make people freak out. The skull and skeleton are often used during the Halloween season as a popular decoration because it is a frightening reminder of death.

4. Hanging props
Decorations that hang up are really successful when it comes to creating a ghostly effect. They can be put in unexpected places to give off a creepy vibe. They can also be hung at eye level so visitors can see them more easily which might scare them even more.
5. Signs
An easy decoration to use would be creepy signs to set the mood. Things that could be on the signs are witch puns, Disney villain sayings or tombstones that have your own spooky message. There are signs made for hanging on walls, windows and doors.
6. Lights
Using lights is a popular way to decorate your home for Halloween. They can be used to illuminate the pathway up to your front door. Lanterns and lamps are considered lights and they might not be scary, but they will make your house stand out.