Alumni postcard: Elizabeth Flint, ’10


What college do you attend and what are you majoring in?

U.S. Coast Guard Academy to major in Operations Research and Computer Analysis.

What is the best part about college?

Although I have a lot of restrictions because I’m at a military academy, it’s really great being able to make my own decisions (on weekends) and I can really see how much I’ve matured over the past 2.5 years.

Who activities did you participate in while at AHS?

Cross Country, Dance Team, Track, and NHS.

What was your favorite subject and who was your favorite teacher at AHS?

I really enjoyed my IB Spanish classes with Srta. Mullins.

What is your favorite memory from AHS?

Tumbling at the pep rallies!

What helped you the most while at AHS to prepare you for college?

Taking IB classes and doing two sports all at the same time helped me prepare for the workload and helped me develop the necessary time management.

What advice do you have for upcoming graduates at AHS?

Just take things seriously, but have fun. Success in life is all about balance.