Alumni postcard: Ahmed Bile, ’12

Alumni postcard: Ahmed Bile, '12

What college do you attend?

Georgetown University.

When did you graduate from AHS?

Graduated in 2012.

What are you majoring in?

Undeclared, but either economics or government.

What is the best part about college?

The best part about college is the freedom. However, you don’t get nearly as much homework day to day, the assignments are spread further apart but far more substantial now, so most of my free time after practice is dedicated to work anyway.

What activities did you participate in at AHS?

I participated in Cross Country, Track and Field, Model UN, and Young Democrats.

What was your favorite subject at AHS?

My favorite subject was definitely Geography with Mr. Hawes, which dealt with a lot of global issues, politically and economically which is what I’m really into at the moment. I had multiple teachers that I loved Mr. Harris and Mr. York (whom I never had) were awesome, as well as Mrs. Berry and Ms. Gould as well as THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND, Mr. John Hawes!

What was your favorite memory from AHS?

My favorite memory as AHS has to be winning states as a team last spring, as well as winning nationals! Shout out to Coach Miller and Coach O’Hara!

What helped you the most at AHS to prepare for college?

Taking IB classes especially in the history department helped a lot. A lot of the classes I’m taking are very similar to Mr. Hawes’ in the fact that there are lectures at times, but most of the time they’re very socratic and discussion based, and very conceptual, so it wasn’t a very rough transition. The only big difference is that there is an insane amount of reading that is just unavoidable, and it’s not tough to do, you just have to carve out time, and sit through it most nights.

What advice do you have for upcoming graduates?

My advice would just be to take things slowly. The first two weeks are so of college were so fun, but a bit overwhelming, so if you stay in for a weekend, the same exact thing, in terms of festivities, will happen the next weekend. So if you need to make the choice to not hang out with friends to study, rest assured there is going to be something fun to do when you do have free time. That in mind, it’s easy to make good decisions because between classes and practices, i’m always working, but I can always have fun when I have time. You’re in class a lot less than in high school, so there is plenty of time to get work done, so just spread it all out, and it’s surprisingly doable. Also, if you’re an athlete, get used to working in hotel rooms and flights every weekend, because the professor doesn’t care that you’re in a different time zone, the assignment needs to be emailed on time.