Humans of Annandale: Zainab Islam


Zainab Islam

Being politically active is one of the most important things to me. To me, politics isn’t just a “difference in opinion.” The party you decide to stand by impacts real people.

America, although it has its faults, really is a beautiful concept. The fact that I can vote, my opinion matters, I can choose my representatives- that isn’t something you’ll see everywhere.

I choose to be a volunteer for campaigns to keep people informed about the politicians who will eventually represent us in Congress and our country in foreign affairs. I choose to get everyone I know registered to vote so that come Election Day they can go and decide what happens to our community.

I know how important it is to vote and spread your opinion because I see people misinformed every single day. I hear people talking about not knowing when registration deadlines or the next election is.

If there’s any one thing that inspires me to stay active, it’s the people around me. Many of the people I know can’t vote and need other people to vote and make sure their voice is heard for both of their sake.

I’m a very open person when it comes to voicing my opinion and that really comes from how there’s so many platforms for me to express my opinion and that people before me didn’t have the opportunities that I do.

My grandparents grew up in a village in Bangladesh and didn’t have a way to voice their opinion. A high school junior just fifteen years ago couldn’t have their voice heard like I have mine. Since I have the ability to put out my views, help others get their voice heard, and vote when I’m eighteen, I do.

I know that many people don’t have a say in their government. Since I have the opportunity to have a say in mine, I take it and make sure others take the opportunity as well.