Indian Fusion Meets Parisian Patisserie

IndAroma Bakery and Café, a recently opened bistro on Little River Turnpike, brings a unique mix to the local restaurant scene, serving up a combination of Indian fusion food and gourmet French pastries. Inside the restaurant the menu boasts favorite desserts such as mousses and eclairs, as well as an extensive selection of curries and Indian-themed wraps, paninis, and rolls. Also on display are custom cakes, made to order in the restaurant for any special occasion.

The ambiance of the facility was pleasant, furnished with traditional tables and chairs and booth seating, as well as a sofa for any clientele that would wish to relax while eating. Glass windows in the front promote the use of natural lighting, and the interior is lit with muted lamps, which creates a peaceful environment by day, but can be a bit dim at night to those who prefer more lit-up surroundings. The staff was quite friendly and attentive, though there was a considerable chunk of elapsed time between placing my order and receiving my food.

One admiral aspect of the restaurant was the extensiveness of their vegetarian options. Those allergic to peanuts, however, should proceed with caution when ordering, as most of the menu contained dishes made with the ingredient. I sampled a variety of the dishes on the menu, all reasonably within the price range of three to ten dollars. Of these, the ones that stood out the most were the alu tikki burger, a veggie patty with a slightly mealy texture that sat between a soft, homemade sesame seed bun, and the samosas, which were accompanied by the deliciously flavored tamarind sauce. My cappuccino mousse was light, with a delicate coffee flavor, and rested inside a pretty and edible chocolate cup. Other dishes, however, fell short, including the kati roll, which was overwhelmed with iceberg lettuce and an over-sized slice of tomato (though the yogurt dip served with it tasted fresh and clean); the dabeli, which consisted of a potato and peanut mixture that was strangely sweet and served inside a soft bun; and the chicken tikki panini, which lacked any outstanding features and was surrounded by a wrap that was not the freshest.

As a café, IndAroma is a good place to grab a casual meal or an after-school snack, and besides some not-as-excellent dishes boasts a welcoming interior and a gratifyingly unique menu. It also serves smoothies and sells beverages imported from India and surrounding Asian areas. As a new spot in town, the restaurant is definitely a place to look out for in the event of a munchies attack.

Overall Grade: B+