Sunflower vegetarian restaurant


The fall season provides a good excuse to stock up on candy, but it is always good to balance out all the sweets with something healthy. Not only did we decide on a healthy restaurant, but also something more natural, involving vegetarian and vegan meals.

The restaurant had quite the Zen vibe with sunflower portraits and Buddhist decorations covering the walls and counter tops. Outside there was a homely, little patio for dinning outdoors on more pleasant days. Inside, there were about eight to ten different groups dining, and most were over the age of 30, that making us the youngest there.

Considering neither of us are vegetarians, we constantly had to pull the waiter aside and ask for suggestions. After contemplating it for a couple minutes, we decided to go with the Veggie Orange Chicken Chunk Sandwich and Curry Supreme as our main entrees.

The Veggie Orange Chicken Chunk Sandwich was served on Ciabatta bread, which was not so tasty because the sauce that was put on the chicken made it really soggy. Inside the sandwich were chunks of chicken-like tofu that mostly tasted like rubber mixed with spices, and topped off with a bit of lettuce. Besides the fact that the sandwich was plain tasting, the chunks of tofu were so chunky to the point that it made it really hard to eat my sandwich without all of the tofu food falling out of the bread. In addition, to the sandwich there was a side. Most American sandwich’s come with a side of fries, but not for this vegetarian restaurant. The side was a salad mixed in with tomatoes, jicama and several mixed greens on the side. The $7.75 paid for this sandwich was definitely not worth it.

The Curry Supreme, however, was adequately satisfying. The entrée, which cost $12, was compiled of chunks of soy protein stewed with a medley of vegetables. Although the meat-like soy protein had an acquired taste and texture at first, it was not too different from actual meat. The Japanese curry sauce helped conceal the rubbery texture of the soy protein, and the vegetables complimented the stew by providing a good balance of textures and flavors. As a side dish, a small cup of rice was served alongside the meal. To say the least, only a couple of bites were taken of the extra-sticky, wheat-textured rice before it was pushed out of the way.

Since we were not pleased with the food, we figured some desert would make up for it. We chose the Chocolate Cake for $5 and the Non-Dairy Vanilla Almond Bark Ice Cream with almond barks mixed in for $4.50. Neither of these deserts included eggs, dairy, sugar or honey to fit the needs of vegan customers.

The chocolate cake was very dry and barely tasted like chocolate, and the icing tasted more like bitter, melted oranges than anything sweet. On the contrary, the ice cream was quite delectable. Although you could clearly taste that there was no diary, it still had a good vanilla and almond after-taste. At least the ice cream was able to provide a better