Perfect place for every date


Night in or night out, spend some quality time with that special person. Whether you want to hang out with your best friends or significant other, use your weekend to go to these places.

Couple’s Date

There is no more classic or cute way to go on a date than simply going out to dinner and then catching a movie with your significant other. Georgetown has several different places to eat, such as Johnny Rockets and Moby Dicks, which are sure to fill you up. Georgetown also recently opened Serendipity 3, a restaurant mimicking the one featured in the movie Serendipity. But, be sure to hold off on ordering dessert at the restaurant, because if you walk just a little farther down towards the Potomac River, there is a movie theater. There, you can both grab a few sweet or buttery snacks and relax for the rest of the date.

Serendipity 3: 3150 M St NW, Washington

D.C., DC 20007

Double Date

Double dates can go one of two ways: they can be entertaining and fun for all or they can be awkward and boring. In order to avoid dull silences, you and your significant other should go out with a couple that both of you are close friends with also. If you’re feeling competitive, you can split up into teams as couples for a night of bowling or board games. Just remember to relax, as double dates are meant to be fun and carefree and allow you to connect with other couples.

AMF Annandale Lanes: 4245 Markham St.

Annandale, VA 22003

Study Date

Your bed is begging for you to crawl back in it and a new episode of your favorite show is about to air; there always seems to be something distracting you from getting any work done. Getting out of the house can eliminate distractions and even motivate you to be productive. Call up the student in your class that you have been crushing on and ask to meet up to study for an upcoming test or work on a tedious project. Pick a place that is close for the both of you, offers free Wi-Fi, and has enough space to handle all of your schoolwork while also leaving enough privacy for your date.

Panera: 5578 Vincent Gate Terrace

Alexandria, VA 22312

Girl’s Night Out

Alluring dress, glittery jewels and high heels make up the perfect outfit for a night out with your best girl friends. All you need to do is get together with your group of girls and make a dinner reservation. Set a date in advance to make sure everyone is free. You should also establish a dress code beforehand so that you all know how classy or casual to dress. Then choose a restaurant to meet up at, like one of the Great American Restaurants (including Silverado, Costal Flats, Sweetwater Tavern and more). Between school and sports, finding time to hang out and catch up with your girls can be difficult. A girls night out allows you to take a break from your hectic life and do just that.

Guy’s Night In

Order your favorite pizza and heat up some popcorn; it’s time for a guys night in. Whether you prefer football, hockey or basketball, there is always a game on TV for your group of guys. Call your best guy friends and pick a house to meet up at – preferably one with a large, flat screen TV and home theater speakers. You can represent your team by throwing on a jersey or going all out with team gear. You can be as loud as you want with your friends, yelling cheering on the same team or rival teams. After the game, head outside and start a backyard bonfire to calm down and warm up. A guys night in is a cheap way to relax and have a good time with your guy friends who enjoy the same things you do.