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Visit the Falls Church farmers market every Saturday year-round

Katie Pope, Weekend Editor

November 9, 2018

There are plenty of farmers markets around town, but few can compare to the one in Falls Church. It has been recognized as “Best Farmers Market” in the area three times. The market is up and running all throughout the year...

Runners tackle the Turkey Trot

Katie Pope, Weekend Editor

November 9, 2018

Looking for a way to burn off all those calories from the mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie that you consume on Thanksgiving Day? Search no more, the Turkey Trot run/walk is a fun and effective way to stay fit and open up the...

Six Flags’ Fright Fest: fearful, fun, and festive

Katie Pope, Weekend editor

October 18, 2018

Rides, roller coasters, and food stands are mainly what venturesome people at Six Flags go for, but do you know what else is at Six Flags? Fright fest. Are you courageous and daring enough to take on the clowns, monsters, and...

Restaurant Review: Carlyle’s Crushes the Competition

Katie Pope, Weekend Editor

October 6, 2018

  Great American Restaurants may own 12 similar restaurants in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, but Carlyle’s is a unique and special place. It is a semi-formal American Bistro restaurant that is vegetarian and ...

Uber Eats is unnecessary and overrated

Casey Nguyen and Tyler Plank

September 30, 2018

Many were surprised to discover that Uber Eats deliveries are prohibited from campus. The result of this discovery was massive criticism and backlash towards not only the school administration, but practically any teacher who...

Homecoming Dresses; Online or In-Store?

Jane Elkins, Staff Writer

September 21, 2018

With Amazon, eBay and a million other shopping websites and apps, I think it's safe to say that the majority of people have ordered something online. We all know it can be a little risky, but we do it anyway because it's way ...

Making Ice Cream at Nicecream

Katie Pope, Weekend Editor

September 5, 2018

If you are craving a sweet, refreshing treat not too far away, Nicecream is that perfect place to go. Sure, you could go to Baskin Robbins or the grocery store and pick out the normal, same old typical flavors of ice cream. But...

So Long, Seniors!

Katie Pope, Weekend Editor

May 25, 2018


Should the title of valedictorian be given to students?

Casey Nguyen, Managing Editor

May 23, 2018

As the end of their high school career comes closer, students begin to question their futures and their impact on the world. Unsure of where the road lies ahead, students often look for guidance and aspiration from their peers. As...

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