Is this the end of Netflix?

Netflix has had a huge amount of success in the past couple of years, especially considering how it has only been streaming content since 2007. 

It now has a little under 200 million users worldwide and is only growing in size. Having Netflix has changed the way we watch TV. 

It has become a big and essential part of millions of American lives.

Unfortunately, people will no longer be able to enjoy the luxury of bingeing all their favorite movies and TV shows on one site.

 Big film companies such as Disney, WarnerMedia, and Universal, as well as TV studios like NBC, have mostly focused on big-screen cinema releases and releasing shows on their own separate channels. 

Now, however, those companies want to start launching their own streaming services. 

As good as that might sound, it means all of their content on Netflix will be taken off and moved to their own sites. 

This means that NBC shows The Office and Friends, as well as all Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar movies,  will move to NBC Universal and Disney Plus, respectively. 

In the future, if users want to achieve the same effect as Netflix, they will have to pay for more subscriptions and begin paying higher prices for smaller amounts of content.

This large amount of streaming services is why companies such as Netflix have been avidly pumping out original film and TV. 

It is obvious that they are trying to make up for the loss of so many popular shows that bring in lots of money for their service. When good movies or shows get removed, Netflix gets the blame, not the studios. 

So Netflix is beginning to spend more and more money on original content.

Netflix is still a newer company, but it is one that is slowly losing its stocks and keeps spending millions of money creating new film and TV at a rate that is unsustainable. 

Although some Netflix originals have been well received, many are mediocre at best and lose more money than they bring in.

To bring in more money and keep the company up, Netflix will need to make the general public happy by pushing out great shows with plots that rival those that are leaving to join other streaming sites. 

Apple Announces New “Apple TV+” Set to Rival Netflix and Hulu

Apple’s new streaming service, Apple TV+, is a video subscription service that features original shows and movies. This new streaming service, exclusively on the Apple TV app, is set to come out this fall.

Apple has spent a lot of money in order to produce programming that can stand equal to Netflix’s best shows. Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Tim Cook, Hailee Steinfeld, Rashida Jones, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon and more are all on board.

Since viewers will have to pay, the service will be ad-free and Apple is planning on launching it in over 100 countries. Apple has yet to announce its pricing, but if the tech giant wants to beat its rivals with its streaming service, pricing will be key.

“I’m unsure about how I feel about Apple’s new streaming service,” senior Faris Vadakoot said. “I’ve used Amazon and Hulu before for watching my shows so I’m willing to check out Apple TV+.”

Oprah Winfrey has announced that she is working on two documentaries for the service, and Steven Spielberg said he is working on an “Amazing Stories” series. Kumail Nanjiani is working on a series called Little America, and Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard announced they’re working on See.
More movies and documentaries from acclaimed filmmakers like JJ Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and M. Night Shyamalan will be featured on the service as well.

Rivals, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, streams originals and licensed programming, whereas Apple TV+ will not be building a full streaming service like these providers.

In contrast to its rivals, Apple TV+ focuses exclusively on Apple’s own original programming. Apple has given no indication that you can be able to stream this service on Android, Windows, or web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

“I hope that Apple chooses to make the service accessible on different browsers,” Vadakoot said. “I think it would just make the process a lot more simple as far as streaming goes.”

The Apple TV app is available on Apple TV set-top boxes and other devices iPhone, Mac, iPad, and iPod touch. It is also confirmed that Apple will bring TV app Samsung smart TV’s and TV’s from Vizio, Sony, LG, and more.

With the Apple TV Channels, viewers will be able to watch content directly inside the Apple TV app, which is very different from before where if you chose something to watch it directs you to third-party apps to actually stream it.

For example, if viewers chose an HBO show in the TV app, it would direct you to HBO Go or HBO Now. The Apple TV app does not cost money to use unless you’re using Apple TV+ or an Apple TV Channel subscription, however, neither are available yet.

“I’m pretty excited to try out Apple TV+ because it sounds like it will be convenient to use,” senior Ruth Seyoum said. “Also I’m looking forward to using it because it will be different from other streaming services.”

Apple announced it would also have original shows and movies similar to today’s common streaming services.

“I am really interested to see how Netflix and Hulu respond to this,” Vadakoot said. “This should hopefully start the race for best streaming service and lead them to get new shows people have been wanting for viewer satisfaction.”

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy, a sadistic psychopath who most thought of as a charming, attractive and motivated man, had all the tell-tale signs of a normal everyday person.

As history has come to know, Bundy was a serial killer who raped his victims beforehand and sometimes even after. Bundy was the first person to be considered a serial killer. A new Netflix series, “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes,” goes in-depth about his damaged childhood, past relationships, and every murder he committed.

Theodore Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. He started his short life as his mother’s secret humiliation. His mother, Eleanor Cowell, was 22 years of age when she had Bundy as an unmarried woman.

As the daughter of very religious parents, Bundy’s birth made his mother’s parent’s humiliation as well. Eleanor sent Bundy to be raised and adopted by his grandparents. Bundy’s realization of his adoption at the age of 14 had a lasting affect.

In school, Bundy was considered a shy, but bright student. He was seen as an outsider to many of his peers. After he graduated from high school, Bundy enrolled at the University of Washington where he met his future girlfriend, Diane Edwards. She had everything Bundy desired: money, class, and influence.

The two later broke up which destroyed his emotional state. Many of his victims resembled his ex-girlfriend Edwards such as Nancy Wilcox, Melissa Smith and Laura Aime.

Bundy graduated from the University of Washington in 1972 with a degree in Psychology and was later on accepted to the University of Utah for their law school.

“I never knew in all my years of teaching Psychology, I never knew he was a Psych major,” said Whitney Hardy. “I thought that he was a genius in a weird way because sociopaths and psychopaths don’t understand normal human emotions. So for him to take those classes to figure out how normal people act and how to act himself around normal people makes it really creepy and smart at the same time.” After graduating from the University of Washington, Bundy changed his visual appearance and became more confident which was evident in his social and political skills.
After his change in appearance, Bundy began to go on his killing sprees. Stories spread around the Seattle area and in down state Oregon that the women who went missing were accompanied by a young, handsome, dark-haired man who called himself “Ted.”

In 1974, Bundy moved to Utah to begin attending law school. Woman began to disappear in that area as well.

Bundy seemed to be in the clear since there was no evidence that connected him to the recent disappearances and no one nearly suspected him because of his appearance as a normal citizen. Somewhere along the line, Bundy was pulled over by a police car and his car was searched.

The police officer uncovered a stockpile of burglary tools; a crowbar, black face mask, which led to a police investigation eventually establishing Bundy as the prime suspect.

`In 1975, Bundy was arrested for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch. She is one of the few who had escaped him and she appeared on the Netflix documentary to describe her dramatic experience and her thoughts during the event which left a lasting scar. Bundy was later on convicted and received a one – 15 year jail sentence.

As time went on, the U.S. states in which Bundy had committed the crimes, commenced communications and started to connect the dots, cooperation which was unheard of during that time. Bundy was indicted on murder charges for the death of a young Colorado woman.

He decided to represent himself as he was once a law student.

During one of his briefings, he was left alone in a room to prepare for his case but when the security guard came to check up on him, he was gone. Bundy had jumped from the window and was free for eight days until he was captured. The first of multiple escapes.

Bundy’s second escape was two years after his first escape. Bundy had starved himself to lose weight and escape through the jail ceiling.
He casually walked out the front doors of the jail unnoticed, Bundy was gone for more than 15 hours before authorities figured out what had happened. The Netflix documentary shows the exact cell he stayed in and the way in which he escaped.

Bundy had a plan for everything he did and this escape was no different. He first took a bus to Denver and then caught a flight to Chicago. After arriving in Chicago, he took an amtrak train to Ann Arbor to watch his alma mater the University of Washington play Michigan in the Rose Bowl. The next day, Bundy stole a car and drove it as far as to Atlanta, where he ditched it and got a bus ride down to Tallahassee where he continued his murders on the campus of Florida State University.

His first attempt on the campus was January 14, 1978 in the Chi Omega sorority house. Bundy attacked four female residents in their sleep, killing two of the women. The next month, on February 9th, Bundy kidnapped 12 year-old Kimberly Leach and murdered her.
Bundy’s capture was a result of the discovery of instinctive bite marks left on the victims. In 1979, Bundy was convicted and given the death penalty twice.

Ted Bundy used his charm and intelligence to prolong his death penalty but was eventually executed on Jan. 24, 1989 by the electric chair.

First Netflix music competition to take place

Netflix’s first music competition, “Rhythm + Flow” is set to debut in 2019. The competition will feature rappers Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper.

The three rappers will serve as judges on the hip-hop competition series to choose talented and undiscovered artists. Cardi B, T.I. and Chance the Rapper are the main judges, but Netflix announced that more rappers will serve as guest judges.

This series is being executive produced by EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) award winner John Legend.

The series will consist of ten, one hour episodes. Auditions for any talented and unsigned people will begin this fall within cities across the country.

The three rappers announced the news on social media this month.

Cardi B promoted the news on Instagram with the caption, “We looking for a star and it’s gonna be like nothing you ever seen!”

Chance the Rapper wrote that the trio is looking for “unsigned, dedicated and ready” hip-hop artists. He also provided a website,, that has more information for anyone interested in auditioning.

T.I. also said in an Instagram video, “I ain’t really gonna talk you to death about this, but I’m going to let you know it’s going to be a different approach from anything you’ve ever seen before.”

“I’m very excited to see my favorite artists working together to find new talent,” sophomore Nargis Tafwiz said. “This is something very different that Netflix is putting out and I’m excited to see how it turns out.”

“Sierra Burgess is a Loser” embodies teens

The new movie, Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, has gotten a lot of attention since it came out on Sept. 7.

The movie, starring Shannon Purser and Noah Centineo, was trending on Netflix the day it came out. Part of the reason is that since the movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, came out, people can’t get enough of the heartthrob that is Noah Centineo. The movie itself is like a sweet Disney movie with a modern twist to it.

The film is based on how a self-conscious girl falls in love with a charming boy over phone calls and texting. The movie gets so much recognition because nowadays teens have problems with self-consciousness and they can really relate to Sierra. Throughout the film, not only does a relationship blossom but also an unexpected friendship with the “mean girl”.

Before the movie came out, Shannon Purser had made appearances in award-winning shows such as Stranger Things and Riverdale. Noah Centineo had previously been seen on The Fosters, Austin and Ally, [email protected], and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Since Sierra Burgess is a Loser came out, it made both Shannon and Noah bigger stars.

Critics say the movie is best described as pleasant, and also how this movie makes you think about just how deep beauty is to you. They say the butterfly-inducing romance really captures those sweet moments of falling in love.

Netflix’s new ‘OITNB’ junior

On March 1st, Netflix released a new show called “Girls Incarcerated” following girls who were sent to a juvenile detention center due to bad behavior such as getting arrested, doing drugs and murder. Each girl has a released date, however, if they do not complete the program they are held back. Some girls are there for such as two years or six months, following rules and adapting to life incarcerated.
Girls Incarcerated may make for an entertaining, emotional rollercoaster of a binge-watch, but it’s likely you’ll find yourself wondering about these girls’ uncertain futures by the time you’ve finished – and how many other girls like them are out there. Netflix has so far released one season to see how far the show will go.
If you like ‘Orange is the New Black” then you will like this show.

On My Block’s first season

On My Block is a Netflix original that has caught everyone by surprise. It features a very diverse cast which is one of the reasons for the huge publicity it has been receiving.It is popular among high school students because it is about high school students. It follows a group of freshmen who are trying to survive high school.  Besides the cheesey backstory, the show has real life issues that are shown and sometimes put into jokes.This show is also about gangs and violence that goes on.

One reason it has been trending is due to some of the actors and their looks. “Ruby was the cutest because he was so sweet to Olivia. His grandma was funny too.” junior Vitalina Fuentes, said. The show has been trending everywhere, and memes have been made from some of the more intense scenes.

One scene in particular has had everyone talking. The season finale ends with a bang, literally. “Ruby didn’t deserve that” junior Vitalina Fuentes,said.
The first season only features ten episodes, with each episode being half an hour. Every episode counts, so don’t be left wondering what happens.

Black Mirror’s new season

Black Mirror is back with an all new season. Unlike earlier seasons, season four comes with six all new episodes. Season one had only three episodes, while season two had four episodes.
Personally, I found that the first episode, USS Callister, was a little too much like a Star Trek knockoff. This episode stars Breaking Bad/Friday Night Lights star Jesse Plemmons, and How I Met Your Mother’s Cristin Milioti.

Plemmons plays a CTO at a gaming company who is repeatedly ignored and taken for granted. To get back at his coworkers, he illegally makes digital copies of them and puts them in his own Star Trek like version of the game. The show still revolves around greatly enhanced technology, and how it has corrupted people in the future. Junior Makayla Lopez said she liked the use of technology in the show, but not the length of the episodes.

From around the first season to the most recent season, the use of technology has increased but the technology itself has stayed around the same. A new kind of technology includes Z-Eyes, which have been around since the first season. New technology revealed in season four is Arkangel. Overall, season four comes with the usual eerie, tech-like episodes.

Netflix originals take over students’ lives

For students, binge watching is a very easy thing to do considering that procrastination plays a key role in our daily lives. Watching one episode before starting homework could lead to you finishing the season and going to sleep. Recently, one of the most talked about and binge watched shows by students currently and exclusively on Netflix is Black Mirror. With the release of six new episodes on the new season, there is no doubt that students will be binge watching. Black Mirror is also a Netflix original web series.

“I like to watch Law and Order Special Victims Unit because I like how each episode is a different plot.” Freshman Nia Collins. Among students, the most popular and talked about shows are Black Mirror, Stranger Things, and Riverdale. Netflix advertises their own series frequently, making it easier for procrastinating students to give in. Netflix also has many different series that are about Marvel characters. They have had success with their Marvel-Netflix shows like The Punisher, Daredevil, and Luke Cage. Appealing to a large group of fans, these shows are increasingly popular among students who grew up watching other Marvel characters.

One of the most popular Marvel-Netflix shows that students have binge watched is The Punisher. It is really easy to watch episodes considering that there are added skip intros buttons and watch next episode buttons. Tools like these make it a lot easier to just watch the show and forget about what else was going on. Another show students seem to be interested in is Narcos. Narcos is a Netflix original series and is very popular among students at Annandale who speak spanish considering that the show is a mix of spanish and english. “I like the show Netflix because its fun and I learn a lot of history about the drug cartels on the show.” said Freshman Dre Rovalino, who is a fan of Narcos,

New to Netlflix is a downloading option for anyone who wants to watch a specific show or movie without wi-fi.This was big news to students, because Netflix was temporarily blocked from school laptops and all devices over the public school wifi. This new feature allowed students to continue watching their favorite shows without the wifi block or without the school monitoring what they were watching.

Since 2014, top cable companies like Cox, Verizon, and Directv have lost a substantial amount of business due to streaming devices like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and now HBO with new movies and shows up to date, and there is no question why: students, who make up the majority of cable watchers, are moving on to shows they can easily watch on their phones in class or on the go in between classes.

Cult of Chucky hits Netflix just in time for Halloween

The new Chucky movie is just what you’d expect: a horror movie about a killer doll with a sick humor.Although this is what the newest movie, Cult of Chucky is about, there is a bit of a twist… Instead the classic Chucky doll, there is multiple dolls all with the soul of Chucky inside them. One Chucky can “wake”up another Chucky by chanting a specific set of lines to the doll.
Cult of Chucky is the seventh installment in the Chucky series. It follows right after the 2013 movie Curse of Chucky.While the newest movie is unrated and on DVD and Blu-ray, it is still a good scary movie that will have you sleeping with one eye open under your covers.

Cult of Chucky follows Nica Pierce, (who was also in the previous movie, Curse of Chucky) who is in an insane asylum for being diagnosed with schizophrenia after allegedly butchering her family.In reality, it was Chucky who killed her family, which is no shock. Nica is also a paraplegic. Chucky and Nica have a dark common past, with Chucky being the reason that Nica is a paraplegic, stabbing her mother in the stomach while she was in the womb.

There are many returning characters in this film, with one of the most notable characters being Andy. Andy is in the original Chucky movie, and the original Chucky was his doll. In this installment, Andy is all grown up, and some of the dolls show fear towards him now that he is an adult.
Over the course of the film, there is the typical gory murders Chucky commits, and some plot twists that are sure to leave you wide-eyed.

In the end, the movie really comes together with the ending not being the actual end. If you can get through the slow start at the beginning, this is definitely a movie that will give you the chills.