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Animal gift to North Korea raises concerns

Hilla Hadairi, Staff Writer

May 25, 2010

On May 19, many animals, one of each species from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, to be specific, were shipped to North Korea. Although President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Kim Jung Il of North Korea are strong allies...

North Korea deserves consequences for its action

Jeff Shim, Editorials Editor

May 21, 2010

In Asia, mainly South Korea, the nations have been alerted by the recent, unknown attack on South Korean warship. The attack was taken at Cheonan city area, located in the northeast corner of Southern Chungcheong, leaving 46...

Tension rocks the Korean Peninsula

CJ Aftergut Staff Writer

March 22, 2010

The history of North and South Korea may be short, but that does not mean it is one of peace and tranquility. Since splitting into two separate nations in 1945, tensions have only risen between the countries as they fight for contro...

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