Dale proposes snow cancellation make up schedule

A continuous seven days of snow induced cancellations served as a second winter break for students and faculty. But unlike the scheduled winter break, these days off will require make-up days. FCPS schools must make up for the cancellations with the elimination of teacher workdays and previously scheduled holidays.

Superintendent Jack Dale is recommending that FCPS follow the normal make up day calendar originally arranged at the beginning of the year. This will include the loss of the teacher workday on April 12 and the addition of June 23, 24 and 25 to the end of the school year calendar.

In addition to this, he also has asked that June 28, 29 and 30 be possible make up days if more snow were to cause additional cancellations.

Option two, which has been done in the past, is add 30 minutes on to each school day starting March 8 until June 21. The plan has received a variety of feedback.

“I think the three days at the end is better because school after the SOL is more fun and adding a few minutes to each day will mess up peoples plans,” said freshman Harris Fitzgerel. However some students think otherwise.

“I think they should add on 30 minutes instead of adding on all those days. Or better, no make up days at all like some of the counties in Virginia,” said sophomore William Bennett.

Many schools are still making up their minds about what to do about the snow days. Some counties, such as Alexandria and Prince Williams County are adding time on to the day, while Charles Country will make up three days during spring break, cutting it short.

“As long as we don’t go to school in July, I’m fine,” said AHS Administrator Hasson Mims. “This decision is not to bad.” The FCPS Board will finalize their decision this Thursday at a business meeting for the country and will immediately release the calendar to the public.