Mr. Annandale crowned


This year’s annual Mr. Annandale competition proved to be entertaining, interesting and exciting as senior Charles Simpson took home the crown as “Mr. Annandale.”

Mr. Annandale is an annual event hosted by the AHS Leadership during which senior and junior males compete for the title of “Mr. Annandale.” To be crowned “Mr. Annandale” required contestants to have an original talent, atom spirit, be physically fit and able to admirably respond to a question within 30 seconds.

Many students attended the event hoping that their choice of Mr. Annandale would win in addition to simply having a good time watching their male friends strut their stuff.

Prior to the show, junior Kathleen Nguyen said, “I’ve never been to one so it should be loud and fun. I think Bob [Stevens] should win because he’s doing the single ladies dance.”

Senior Madina Israilova, a leadership staff member, said, “I hope it’ll be entertaining, packed, and ‘awesomelicious’.” Her expected choice for Mr. Annandale was Charles Simpson.

The contestants for this year’s Mr. Annandale were seniors August McCarthy, Ben Wilson, Hasib Iqbal, Charles Simpson, Jack Velazquez and juniors Joey Mazzara, Dan Oviatt and Bob Stevens.

“I wasn’t at the one last year but I was very anxious and excited for this one,” said Iqbal.

Each contestant was evaluated by four judges, AHS teachers Alan Weintraut, John Hawes, Amy Graham and Kathleen Dion.

“Leadership approached me and asked me if I would judge and was honored to be considered for so esteemed position. I’m hoping to laugh a lot and watch the talent of young men at this high school,” said English teacher and Judge Amy Graham.

The judges critiqued each contestant’s efforts in five different categories. Each contestant had to walk down the runway with a female escort, flaunt their talent and atom spirit, show off their muscles (the portion the audience seemed to enjoy most) and lastly answer a questionnaire.

The talent portion was exceptionally diverse with students playing instruments, singing and even dancing to the “Singles Ladies” song.

Later, the boys showed off their school spirit through chants, cheers and songs which included Simpson dressing as an “Atom Boy.”

The competition wrapped up with a bang as the boys walked across the stage primarily shirtless. This was greatly enjoyed by all of the females who as they screamed, cheered and whistled.

But all good things had to come to an end and a winner had to be chosen. Though becoming “Mr. Annandale” was the overall prize, there were also three sub-categories: elegance, talent and muscles. Wilson found himself winning the elegance category as well as being the third runner-up. Iqbal was the runner-up and it was Simpson who won both the talent and muscle category and landed himself with the title, “Mr. Annandale.”

“It was fun, it was a good time. I think everyone enjoyed it which is important,” said Simpson. “People have been very congratulatory and seem pretty hyped about the win,” he said.

“I thought it was better than last year. I wish I was a little more organized in the beginning. The crowd was really supportive. I wouldn’t mind doing it next year,” said Mazzara when sharing his closing thoughts on the show.