Students spring back to work after Spring Break

Spring Break has ended, and provided students with an opportunity to relax and temporarily drop all of the stress that school places on one’s shoulders. Many students took the time to visit family or friends.

“I… had a barbeque with my friends where I got a ton of food. We played volleyball in the yard and then ended with a bonfire,” said sophomore Willie Labarca.

“I went to the Onondaga reservation in New York and was chilling with my native friends and family. We went to different reservations for lacrosse games and we went to the longhouse,” said junior Trey Laffin.

Others took the opportunity to travel.

“Over Spring Break I visited my hometown, Chicago. I got to spend time hanging out with my family and catching up with old friends,” said senior Mike Slaughter.

“I went to Boston to look at different colleges, visit my sister, go to the Celtics basketball game, and see Wale,” said junior Edcel Argueta.

Some simply used the time to catch up on much needed sleep and rest.

“I did absolutely nothing over the break. The Saturday [on which] Spring Break started I was playing basketball at Audrey Moore Recreation [Center] and twisted my left ankle…So basically my break was TV, food and ice,” said senior Andrew Braden.

With so much time away from school, many sports players needed to continue to practice during the break.

“Over the Spring Break I went to New Jersey with the wrestling team to compete in a tournament. It was a great trip and kept me in shape over the break,” said sophomore Ali Musa.

Many students had an exciting and eventful break, meaning going back to school was difficult. Thus, students have been trying to find ways to get back into the flow of school and not be distracted by the warming weather.

“I’m going to just do my best for the rest of the year, listen to my teachers and study a lot so that I can boost my grades,” said Musa.

For students, the impending conclusion to the third quarter added further academic pressure to the return from break.

“It was definitely hard coming back because the break felt like summer. It’s going to be hard to finish off the quarter strong because I have to get back into school work and I only have a week to do it,” said Laffin.

“I feel a lot less stressed coming back to school because I got a nice long and relaxing break. I would say it’s harder to bring my grades up due to the fact that there’s a lot to make up and to cover with not that much time left in the quarter,” said Slaughter.

However, some students were not so concerned about academic pressure.

“I don’t really care about school anymore. I’m a senior and I’m in college so I don’t feel the need to do work. Also, coming off of a break and going back into school is incredibly hard especially when I have no incentive to do so,” said Braden.

Overall students seemed to have enjoyed their breaks. With only a quarter left in school, students will have to quickly get back into the swing of things.