Few students participate in spirit-less week

Last Monday, the cafeteria during all lunches was filled with blaring music and a bustling back table as Leadership prepared to have a demonstration. Students paraded down the main aisle of the room, showing off the recommended attire for each day of Winter Spirit Week, which occurred from Dec. 6-10. The different days included Switch It Up, Sports Day, Little-Kid Day, Senior Citizen Day, and Atomic Day. The week culminated on Friday with a pep rally during R5 flex. That night, there was a basketball double header against South County.

“[The spirit week] wasn’t right before winter break, so there was no big event it was going up to,” sophomore Skye Lindberg said.

This opinion is mirrored among other students as well.

“If they had decent themes, it would have been better,” sophomore Stephen Oakes said. “They should have changed Little Kid Day to Pajama Day because everyone just wore hoodies anyway.”

Leadership has promised additional spirit days in the Spring, and the overall spirit of this past week evidently has varying opinions.