Perfect You is the perfect read for teens

Elizabeth Scott is a writer who writes about teenagers and how they change throughout their high school experiences. Perfect You, one of Scott’s books, is about a sophomore named Kate Brown whose life has taken a turn for the worst ever since her best friend turned against her.
This book goes deep into Kate’s mind and shows the reader how she feels about all of the complications in her life, such as her having no friends and her dad being a nut job. Also, it shows how she changes as she begins to let people in and learns to trust people.

Kate Brown is in her sophomore year in high school and things couldn’t get any worse- her best friend has abandoned her, and her father has left his job to sell vitamins, which do not sell at all. As she gets to know Will, the guy she has loathed, but secretly been in love with since freshman year, she begins to see that life might not be as bad as she thought it was.

During the course of this book, Kate thinks that a boy like Will could never like her and she thinks it is too good to be true. The more Will talks to her, the more she begins to like him. Sometimes she lets her insecurity and self consciousness get in the way of how she acts around Will. She always feels as though the only reason Will is talking to her is out of pity. By thinking this, Kate tries to drive Will out of her life. But her unusual behavior doesn’t stop Will from telling her how he feels.

Towards the middle of the book, Kate starts to experience family problems at home, and she realizes that she has no one to talk to. There is Will, but she’s not close enough to him to be able to talk about such drastic things like a possible divorce between her parents. She longs for her old best friend, Anna, who she could have told everything. Now that things have changed she cannot tell her since Anna is no longer a part of Kate’s life. As Kate tries to go back to Anna, she figures out that Anna has changed and has become the type of girl that they both used to make fun of together. Later on, Kate sees that instead of wishing that Anna would come back and be her friend, it would just be easier to let her go.

Throughout her sophomore year, Kate realizes, with the help of her brother, grandmother, and parents, that letting people into your life and not being afraid will help you to have fun and enjoy life. She learns that in order to be happy, you have to look at what’s in front of you and just embrace it because it might not stay there forever.

This book uses humor, romance, and vivid imagery to explain what is happening throughout Kate’s life. Scott has done an absolute amazing job with this book and I hope all of her books include this much detail. Perfect You is really realistic and I know of many teenagers and even some young adults who could relate to this story.

Perfect You is a heartwarming story about a girl who finds out who she really is, by surrounding herself with the people she loves and never looking back at the people who she has left behind.
If you are in the mood for a funny, romantic, yet meaningful book, then I suggest that you read Perfect You, by Elizabeth Scott.