AHS band plays at Wakefield Chapel Halloween Parade


The annual Chapel Square parade has been a tradition since 1967, and on Oct. 22 the neighborhood continued the tradition with its 44th parade. This parade was open to kids of all ages, parents,and even pets. Every year, the AHS marching band play as the main event for the parade. People from the neighborhood look forward to this parade and always make donations to support the band.

“My favorite part of the parade is the band because they’re so good, especially the Saxes. They are all such good kids and they set an example for our neighborhood,” AHS parent Jan Kaplan said, whose son Noah plays in the band.

Many different age groups attended this parade. It ranged from the little children all dressed up to the parents supporting AHS to even senior citizens watching the parade go by from their houses.

The band is a huge part of this event and they work very hard in order to be able to play for the Wakefield Chapel neighborhood. The students in the band get to dress up by wearing hats and glasses, though under the direction of band director Andrew Loft they are no longer allowed to wear full-body costumes. They started the parade off with the AHS fight song, and then led into an upbeat song named ‘Mars’ by Gustav Holst. The crowd became pumped up after these two songs.

All of the band members have their own reasons for why they like performing for the people of Wakefield Chapel. For most of them, seeing everyone cheering for them and yelling their names is enough to make them happy.

“My favorite part about being in the parade is all of the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes following the band because they’re so excited about the band and Halloween,” sophomore Michael Sgrecci said.

“What an honor it is to play for this neighborhood. It just warms my heart,” Loft said.

Donations were collected throughout the parade in order to support the AHS marching band. The money was collected in plastic Jack-O-Lanterns, though the band does not yet now how much money they received.

Many AHS students go to the parade to support their friends in the band. They walk in the parade and cheer on the band.

“I like how all the little kids dress up because it’s so cute. I get really excited for it every year,” sophomore Katie McCann said.

People were wearing all kinds of costumes in the parade. There were kids dressed up as witches, zombies, pumpkins and ghosts. Even dogs got dressed up to go to the parade. There was a dog dressed as a devil and another one dressed as a piece of candy corn.

For some people it’s not about dressing up or coming to see the band, it’s the fact that they get to spend time with their friends and have fun. This parade is a chance for people of all ages to have fun and spend time with their neighbors.

“I like gathering with friends and dancing with the band,” Jasmine Fasold, 13, said.

Even people from other neighborhoods come to Wakefield Chapel to join in the festivities and support the band. Not only is this an event for the people of Wakefield Chapel, but it is a fun experience for people from other communities, as well.

“We’ve been coming to these parades for 12 years, even though we weren’t officially in the neighborhood,” Kaplan said.