2011 IB Diploma candidates receive diplomas


AJ McCafferty

Alumnus Merieum Kradoui speaks about how the IB Diploma has helped her in college.

The ninth annual International Baccalaureate (IB) ceremony was held on Jan. 5 in the auditorium during W4 and Atom Time. The 2011 IB Diploma candidates returned to receive their actual diplomas after two years of hard work, and to offer advice to the current and anticipated candidates.

“We could not be more proud of you as a group,” IB Coordinator Shirley Campbell said. “They’re perfect examples of survivors.”

Sixteen of the 21 diploma graduates were able to attend the event. Each gave advice during the panel presentation.

“For anyone who isn’t sure about getting the diploma, you should still stick with it,” alumnus Linda Chitayapuntagul said. “I stuck with it and now I am really happy I did.”

Many members of the panel stressed the importance of good time management and organizational skills. They also emphasized the importance of studying for the IB exams, turning in college applications early and putting a lot of effort into the required extended essay.

“All of this hard work pays off in the long run,” alumnus Eduardo Albright said.

Every member of the panel shared the extracurricular activities he/she participated in when he/she attended AHS. Then the diploma candidates in the audience received the opportunity to ask the panel any questions they had.

“It was motivational to hear how they survived their IB classes and yet still had time for their personal lives,” junior and anticipated diploma candidate Wenhui Huang said. “Some of them actually did get sleep, which seems like a miracle.”

The ceremony continued with brief remarks from multiple coordinators, praising the students on their achievements. A speech was also given by class of 2011 valedictorian Polette Centellas, who also served as the class’s diploma representative.

“The road to this point has been challenging, but has also been fulfilling,” Centellas said. “I encourage everyone to undertake the program. It is difficult, but it is doable, and you’ll feel very proud of yourself at the end.”

Centellas also emphasized that putting effort into class every single day was essential, and moderation was the key to survival.

Campbell then called the IB Diploma graduates up individually to the stage, where they received their diplomas from Principal Vince Randazzo. After a round of applause for all of the recipients, Campbell then asked their family members to stand up and receive a round of applause as well.

A reception followed the ceremony in Clausen Hall for the IB Diploma graduates and their family members.