Who would have thought? Weekly fun facts


As we are enjoying our time off for the next few months here in Northern Virginia, we here in In-Depth thought we might offer you some interesting statistics compiled by CNBC regarding the amount of vacation days people around the world receive. As you might find surprising, the U.S. is not at the top, but instead the penultimate nation (behind China).

The average number of days the respective citizens of the following nations take annually:

United States: 25

Germany: 30

China: 21

Canada: 19

United Kingdom: 36

Greece: 37

South Korea: 34

Denmark: 34

Ireland: 29

Singapore: 25

Spain: 36

Iceland: 27

Poland: 36

Russia: 40

Portugal: 35

Japan: 36

Australia: 28

Brazil: 41

Italy: 31

India: 28

Finland: 40

France: 40