Do outlet malls really have bargains?


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As summer begins to wind down, many AHS students drive the longer distances to buy much needed back to school wardrobes from outlet malls. The perks and name brand boutiques exhibited at outlet malls influence customers into thinking they’re saving money, but do outlet malls really have bargains?

Many outlet malls have trendier, more high end stores than what most normal shopping malls offer. Outlets have anything and everything, ranging from Calvin Klein and Coach to Juicy Couture. An article from ABC states that most brand name outlet stores have sales that be can accredited to the item being out of season, irregular or having minor flaws.

Chances are, if someone is shopping at an outlet mall looking for great “deals” they try and visit high end stores to be able to say “Yes, these are Lucky Brand jeans.” Having this mindset while shopping can waste more money than intended because the shopper will be apt to buy a $30 Guess scarf for the brand, when a similar item could be purchased for less money at a discounted store.

What really saves money is going to the outlets with an open mind and trying to think what you actually need and will wear, regardless of brand name and while taking the price into consideration. Of course some outlets have great steals, but many seem to be hit or miss savings. Meaning, some stores are filled with bargains and discounts, while others seem to only have discounted clothes for the wrong season and have very few savings shoppers are interested in.

Bottom line is trips to outlet malls can be very rewarding, but there’s also a chance buyers can be tempted to buy unnecessary items just for the name. If planning to make the drive to an outlet mall, trying looking in advance to see when the next sales are to save the maximum amount of money.

The Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets are located in Leesburg, Virginia and are a popular outdoor outlet mall for shoppers of Northern Virginia. Another option are some outlet stores located in Potomac Mills Mall.